After pregnancy, pregnant mothers pay more attention to these six things, so as not to accidentally hurt the fetus and cause "hypoxia"

As we all know, people are inseparable from oxygen. Once the oxygen is left, it is like a fish leaves water and will not survive.In fact, the baby baby is no exception. Although they are still in the mother’s belly, oxygen is very important for them.If the pregnant mother does not pay attention, the baby is likely to be hypoxic, which is very dangerous.

Do pregnant mothers really understand hypoxia?The harm of hypoxia is very great!

Oxygen is divided into fetal acute hypoxia and chronic hypoxia.

Acute hypoxia of the fetus refers to: during pregnancy, some emergencies of pregnant mothers have caused the fetal oxygen supply to decrease or interrupt sharply. If it occurs around 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal survival rate will be very low.

Chronic hypoxia in fetuses refers to the slowing of the fetus due to the diet, unwillingness or congenital reasons during pregnancy, which may also affect the development of the brain, and may even cause delay in the fetus in the fetus.

Some unfortunate unavoidables, but pregnant mothers still have to minimize the possibility of occurrence.

To avoid congenital hypoxia, the physical condition of the mother’s body is important. Insufficient blood content of the mother’s blood is an important cause of hypoxia in the baby.Some pregnant mothers will cause hypoxia during the 3 months of pregnancy because their mother’s environment is not good.

Therefore, before preparing to have children, women must pay attention to raising their bodies, and healthy mothers can give birth to healthy children!

Of course, there are also some possibilities of the fetus itself, such as: fetal suffering from severe congenital diseases, fetal malformations, etc.

If the umbilical cord knot occurs, the umbilical cord is not smooth, which will also cause the fetal ischemia and hypoxia. The pregnant mother must find it in time and adjust it in time through the doctor.Otherwise, if a unhealthy child is born, it is also an unpleasant thing for expectant parents.

In addition to some innate factors that cannot be avoided, there must be a later reasons. Pregnant mothers and family members must know early, prevent early, and consciously do things that are beneficial to children, and kill the possibility of children with hypoxia in the cradle.Let children grow up healthily in aerobic environments.

Sitting posture during pregnancy will oppress the uterus, which will not be conducive to the normal exercise of the fetus in the mother’s belly.The fetus maintains a movement for a long time. Over time, it will affect the blood circulation of the placenta, and naturally it will cause the baby to be hypoxic.

2. Stay away from second -hand smoke

Second -hand smoke is not only harmful to ordinary people, but also even more harmful to pregnant mothers.Imagine that the pregnant mother will breathe difficulty in the environment of smoke during pregnancy, and the baby will naturally be uncomfortable. In addition, the harm of second -hand smoke is more unfavorable to the baby’s health.

3. Take the sleeping position on the left side

Pregnant mothers will continue to increase in the uterus during pregnancy. When the uterus and other organs squeeze each other, they will rotate to the right to varying degrees, which will cause oxygen supply to be blocked, and the fetus is likely to lack oxygen.

By the end of pregnancy, if the pregnant mother can use the left side of the bed, it can appropriately alleviate this situation.

4. Prevent and correct iron deficiency anemia in time

Among pregnant women, iron deficiency anemia is extremely high. Therefore, pregnant mothers must supplement iron according to demand to prevent fetal hypoxia due to iron deficiency.

5. Pay attention to the condition of amniotic fluid

The survival of the baby is on the amniotic fluid. When the amniotic fluid is too small, it means that the baby has no nutrients needed for growth.Pregnant mothers will not only have floating, accelerated fetal heart, etc., the fetus will be in a dangerous state, and even "the fetus is dead."

6. Avoid drama exercise

The accidents in severe exercise can easily lead to acute hypoxia for children. Therefore, pregnant mothers can do some simple walks and other exercises to avoid strenuous exercise as much as possible.

Due to the limits of many aspects, many pregnant mothers cannot always get the care and diagnosis of doctors at all times. Therefore, a few babies are hypoxic and cannot be discovered and corrected in time.

So, can you also use some simple measures to judge whether the child is hypoxic through some simple measures?

In fact, if the baby’s baby wants to be hypoxic, some signals will definitely send out. As long as the pregnant mother grasps and finds it in time, it can also avoid misfortunes early.

The most obvious change is the change of fetal movement. The normal fetal heart is regular and powerful. You can hear it around 12 weeks of pregnancy.If the fetal position is normal, you can hear normal fetal movements through simple equipment. If the fetal movement is abnormal, the child’s growth may encounter some problems.

In fact, the most important and peaceful method is to ask a doctor. Once you find that there are some abnormalities in your body, you must go to the hospital early to ask the doctor to seek the most practical help.

From the beginning of pregnancy, the mother has been full of longing and sweetness, but at the same time, she must be full of various doubts and anxiety, fearing that the child will not be healthy.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must make full preparations in advance, collect various materials, and timely understand the children’s latest status and health. It is not easy to have children. They must cheer.

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