After pregnancy, my husband worked overtime every night.

It was five months pregnant, but her husband suddenly started working overtime every night.I felt a little wrong in my heart and became doubtful.My husband usually goes to work on time and rarely needs to work overtime.Suddenly, overtime is late, which makes me feel a little strange.I can’t help thinking whether my husband has an affair, so I suddenly change the habit of work.

One day, my husband asked me to sign the courier for him. After I opened the courier box, I found that it turned out to be a necklace.There was a panic in my heart. Does my husband really have an affair. Is this necklace going to give it to another woman? My heart is in chaos. I don’t know if I should open the gift box inside to check it.If it is really a woman that a woman should wear, is there really a problem with our feelings?

I got upstairs, but when I saw my husband’s closed study upstairs, I suddenly felt that the distance between us was so far away.I thought that pregnancy would make us closer, but now I feel that my husband seems to be another person.The kind of familiar and unfamiliar feeling forced me to get angry, and I leaned at the door of the study and cried.

At this moment, the door of the study suddenly opened, and my husband was shocked to see me crying.I cried and pointed at the necklace in the courier box downstairs and asked if my husband was going to give it to other women.Her husband was stunned and immediately held me in my arms to comfort.It turned out that the necklace was a birthday gift prepared for me half a month in advance. He worked overtime every day to catch up to ensure that this necklace could be delivered before I was born.

I looked at my husband’s sincere expression, and my heart was full of guilt.I actually had doubts, thinking that my husband had an affair, which made me feel that I was the worst wife in the world.My husband looked at my blame and tightened me: "Silly girl, it’s not your fault. I should tell you about the birthday gift early, let you worry about me for so many days, it’s me.The feelings are so deep, how can you think I will be easy? "

My husband put the neck chain on my neck and warmly embraced me in my arms.At that moment, I realized that the relationship between us was far more than a trace of misunderstanding and doubt.To me, my husband is the most important reliance in this world.I will double trust and care, and protect my husband’s deep affection for me.This sincere feelings made me deeply awakened my luck.Husband, I love you, I love you in this life! The most sincere feelings between us far exceed the deepest misunderstanding in life.I will use my life to protect this affection.

In the evening, I leaned in my husband’s arms and stroked the necklace on my neck.My husband held me very tightly and said nothing, but just accompanied me quietly.We don’t need too much words between us, and we can reach each other through this quiet tentacle.

Husband, I once doubted the feelings between us, which made me feel that I was the worst wife in the world.The affection between us is so deep, but I will doubt it because of a little misunderstanding, which makes me feel too small.You have given me tolerance and trust for so many years, but I have no way to give you the same trust.This is the most limited as a wife, and the most important lesson I need to learn in my life.

Husband, the most precious thing in life is not money and reputation, but those who can share life with us.You are the most important reliance in life, and the feelings between us are far more than everything.I will learn to let go of those unnecessary skeptical and misunderstandings, and give us the feelings of feelings.This is the quality I should have as my wife, and it is also the most important growth in my life.

The best things in life are often the easiest to miss and ignore.I will cherish every second with you, hold your hands tightly, and protect the most sincere feelings between us.Husband, you are the only reliance in life, the feelings between us far exceed all the misunderstandings and doubts.This feeling requires me to pay my life’s hard work, always believe in it, and protect the deepest fetters between us.

This is the sense of responsibility I should have as my wife, and it is also the cornerstone that can last forever.The most important thing in life is not money and reputation, but people who can give us deep emotions.Husband, this is the most important meaning in my life, and the fetters between us will continue to the end of life.This is the most precious understanding of my life, and the true meaning of the feelings between us.

Husband, the meaning of life is to have people who can share life.You are the most important person in life, and the affection between us far exceeds all the doubts and unbelief in life.I will trust this feelings wholeheartedly and protect the deepest fetters between us.This is the responsibility of my life, and it is also the cornerstone of our relationship forever.Husband, the reason why life is wonderful is because of your company.I will use this life to hold you the hands that you give me tightly and protect the most sincere feelings between us.

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