After pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid several types of "food", and pregnant mothers should pay attention!

Writing: Mori

I believe most women know that they need to be "taboo" during pregnancy, even if they can’t say what foods need to be taboo.If you want to eat me, you ca n’t eat me. You ca n’t sleep. It ’s very tortured. If you still happen at the same time, it will be even more crashing.Why do I need to taboo during pregnancy?It is not for the healthy development of the fetus. All the nutritional sources of the fetus in the stomach are the mouth of the pregnant mother. Therefore, the diet control is not to be sloppy.

If the transportation requires during pregnancy, and quit all the dietary preferences of the pregnant mother before, then it is a bit too much, but the four types of foods are recommended to avoid eating, because the harm is the fetal treasure, and even the intellectual intellectual that affects intelligence.possible.

1. heavy mouth food

The foods they eat in some areas are relatively heavy, and many foods in our lives are mainly based on heavy taste.We are also very willing to put salt in cooking, so the food of salty fragrance is even more loved, but if you analyze from the perspective of pregnant women, people who often eat heavy foods are easy to lose hair, or even serious seriously, or even seriously seriously.There will be a decline in memory, and the potential impact is unknown.

In addition, a large number of foods that have taken in salty categories will also affect the normal development of the fetus, especially brain development, and there is a possibility of low IQ.Therefore, the pregnant mother should choose a light diet as much as possible during pregnancy, and occasionally taste the heavy food to solve it.

2. Lead -containing food

Lead food has a bad impact on human development, and pregnant mothers should avoid it as a special population.Excessive "lead" foods often affect the baby’s intelligence.Common lead -containing foods include preserved eggs and pussy products. If you want to grow up healthy, you should do a good job of taboos.

3. Seasoning

Common condiments in the kitchen, such as chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, contain a large amount of sodium glutamate. For pregnant women, this type of ingredient has a bad role that hinders the absorption of trace elements. The most common situation is "zinc".

If severe zinc deficiency performance occurs during pregnancy, the impact of healthy development caused by fetal treasure cannot be ignored, and vision and intelligence are the key.Therefore, for the first time, the home was used as much as possible for the pregnant mother. I simply ate MSG and chicken feasting, so that the pregnant mother felt the attention of the family. It is easier to stay with everyone.

4. Excessive acid

From ancient times to the present, there is a saying of "sour girls". Although there is no relevant confirmation in terms of science, people are still convinced of this statement.Therefore, those pregnant mothers with gender intentions will deliberately suggest that they eat acid -like substances, hoping to have a child.

Because this statement can be said to have no basis, the pure one is a "legend", so you should not deliberately eat too much acid foods. Proper acid foods can be eaten and have appetite.It is necessary to control the control.

The above content is for reference only. Please do it under the guidance of professionals. On the road of parenting, we are all novices. How to take care of the children better, you can pay attention to me, and discuss the things on the parenting road with me.

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