After pregnancy, it is normal to have "physiological needs". It is not good to hold back.

During pregnancy, most expectant mothers will also be extremely careful, worrying that what she does will cause fatal damage to the fetus.In addition, some experts will also explain the corresponding knowledge, let us recognize the careful necessity of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Indeed, women are also abnormal to forbearance during pregnancy.I usually like spicy and stimulating foods that I usually eat, and I do n’t touch during pregnancy.I usually like to stay up late, but I will go to bed obediently after pregnancy.

These two situations mentioned above really need to be insisted on mother.However, in this process, there are some physiological desires that do not require women’s excessive forbearance.If it is always forbearing, it may also cause more obvious damage, which affects the fetus and the expectant mother.

Ms. Chen and her husband discussed in 19 years that they should be actively prepared for pregnancy. Of course, they learned about pregnancy within a few months.In addition, they are all high -Zhi Zhi, and they also want eugenics.

Therefore, during pregnancy, I was very concerned about their children’s situation. At the same time, I also purchased the corresponding books to learn every day, and applied this knowledge to practice.

Once Ms. Chen’s husband said that he has not been affectionate recently and wants to interact intimately with Ms. Chen.In fact, Ms. Chen also had such an idea, but when I remembered what she usually saw the content introduced in the book, Ms. Chen said seriously: "I watched it online, and I couldn’t get intimate interaction during pregnancy."

Although Ms. Chen’s husband was dissatisfied, she also agreed to her wife’s request.Later, after giving birth to a child, the two did not take this matter.Later, the children were almost half a year old, and they did not have a close activity.Later, Ms. Chen and her husband lived a sexual life.Whenever she mentioned this, she was also an unusual regret.

Pregnancy is indeed a special period, and we must also pay attention to some pregnancy criteria.It is just the situation mentioned above, and we have already understood the final result.The impact on a family and husband and wife relationship is relatively large.

I believe everyone is unwilling to see such a result.In fact, although there are some guidelines during pregnancy, there are still desires in these aspects.

1. The desire to be affectionate

Intimate behavior always thought it was an important way for couples to heat up rapidly. Many people believed that during pregnancy, men would also be extremely difficult, and women were naturally like.

In fact, it is not possible to do intimate activities at any time during pregnancy.If we can choose the appropriate posture, the appropriate way can solve this desire.

Some gynecologists said that intimate activities in early and during pregnancy can only cause the fetus to be harmed, but intimate activity in the middle of pregnancy is possible.

It can not only meet the desires of the couple, but also have a certain positive impact on the fetus, and even make the fetus extremely active.So women have such desires, and don’t endure too much.

2. The desire to lose temper

"Be careful of fetal gas" This is a word that many people often hang on their mouths.Pregnant mothers will also understand the harm brought about when they are often angry during pregnancy, so they often hold back their temper.

In fact, it is impossible to calm and calm at any stage without any contradictions.If the inner depression is not vented, it is likely to lead to short chest tightness and shortness of breath.

The more serious ones will also cause depression, and the mental problems will be extremely obvious to the fetus, and it will even secrete certain hormones, affecting the child’s growth and development.

So whether it is pregnancy or other time, we should not think that mental problems can be put on hold.Want to vent, find the right way.

3. The desire to go to the toilet

For those who are pregnant, as the fetus grows slowly, there may often be frequent urination, urgency, and urine waiting.Because the body’s body will oppress the bladder, it makes the body unable to store urine, and has to go to the toilet frequently.

Many women now go to work during pregnancy. In order to avoid others from having a strange vision for themselves, they may choose to urinate.In fact, this method is extremely wrong.

Under normal circumstances, urination will affect our internal organs, let alone pregnancy?If urinating for a long time may also cause the scope of activity to decrease.In addition, during the urination process, pregnant mothers will have certain psychological activities, which leads to various indicators of the fetus, and it is not good for their physical condition.

Pregnancy is the most difficult time for every woman, and they need to make a lot of sacrifices.Just in October, we should understand the changes in our bodies while paying attention to the health of the fetus, and try not to endure too much.

Regardless of whether you want to go to the toilet or to clean up, or if you want to lose your temper, you will be able to solve it quickly in the correct way.

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