After pregnancy, it is always the reason for anti -fart.

Many women have changed a lot after pregnancy.This is because the body hormone balance of the pregnant mother changes, affecting the normal metabolism in the body.In fact, many people are difficult to accept these changes, because most of them are related to "stinky".

When pregnant, when she is pregnant, she will find that she has a serious odor on her body, and even starts to abandon herself, let alone her husband’s feelings.So what are these strange odors?

1. Stomach breath:

After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body changes, which is likely to cause pregnant mothers to get angry.In addition, some pregnant mothers do not pay attention to their diet during pregnancy, and always eat something that is difficult to digest.If the two are added together, it is easy to cause bad breath.

In addition, you need to pay attention to rest during pregnancy. Without sufficient sleep, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders and cause bad breath.

2, body odor:

Many pregnant mothers are puzzled, and they obviously have no body odor before pregnancy. Why did they suddenly have body odor during pregnancy?During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, sweat secreted by sweat glands becomes strong, which makes those pregnant mothers who have no body odor began to have odor.

This odor can be said to make pregnant mothers unacceptable the most.What’s more, some pregnant mothers have body odor before pregnancy, and the smell will be stronger during pregnancy, not to mention how annoying it is!

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not be lazy during pregnancy, keep clean and hygienic, and insist on bathing and change clothes.Although it cannot be eliminated, it can reduce the odor of myself.

3. Stink fart:

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother who loves to put stinking farts is definitely not a small number. Many mothers have reported that they always fart when they are pregnant, and they are very stinky. Even their husbands can’t bear it.Most pregnant mothers say that when they want to fart, they can’t refuse them at all. If they are not released, their stomach will hurt.

In fact, the pregnant mother wants to fart when she is pregnant. In addition to the changes in hormone levels in her body, it may also be caused by the compression of the fetal development of their stomach and abdomen.

If there are many people in the bad work of pregnant mothers, and they are very obstructive, they can eat more digestive fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, and strengthen exercise, which can reduce the odor caused by farting.

Mom, have you ever had this situation when you were pregnant?How does it reduce or avoid this embarrassment?If you have any questions, leave a message to us ~

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