After pregnancy, her husband died unexpectedly. My mother -in -law said that the child was not a husband, so he had to drive me!

"I don’t know who the child is in your stomach, I want to rely on my son!"

"You talk nonsense! Obviously you let me give birth to the child first, and then get a certificate!"

My husband and I met with a blind date. Others were very good. After a year of dating, I was pregnant unexpectedly, so the two hurriedly married.

My husband’s house is in rural areas, and others work at the construction site.

The prospective mother -in -law asked Mr. to give us a date, but the date suitable for us is next year, so we plan to do the banquet first, lest neighbors who will gossip because of my pregnancy.

We held a simple ceremony that day, and asked relatives and friends to have a meal. Even if we had a wedding banquet, we waited for the New Year to receive a certificate.

As the stomach grows day by day, my mother -in -law has to pull me to check.

I learned that her daughter was very happy, and her husband was very happy. He said that he wanted a little princess as beautiful as me, but her mother -in -law’s face was ugly.

I know that the sister -in -law gave birth to a daughter, so she has never liked her sister -in -law, she did not help her confinement, and did not help bring her children.

Therefore, I don’t expect her to be with my daughter who likes me, thinking that as long as my husband and I like it.

However, a month later, the bad news came, and the reinforcement of her husband was hit on the spot and failed to save it. The construction site directly gave 800,000 yuan in compensation.

In addition to sadness, I have to plan for the future of my child. This money is used for the expenses of the child after birth.

But before the compensation was arrived, my mother -in -law found me and asked me to take my child away, saying that the 800,000 cents would not be distributed to me.

This money was exchanged for my husband. As his wife, there was a child who was not born in his stomach. Why can’t he get this money?

But my mother -in -law said, "Which wife is your wife? Do you have a marriage certificate? Are you legal? As for the children in your belly, who is it?"

After listening to my mother -in -law’s words, my heart was cold. Although we didn’t get a certificate, everyone knows our wedding. How can she not admit it?

What makes me even more angry is that she does not admit the children in my stomach. This is not only to me, but also a humiliation of my husband!

After compensation, my mother -in -law saw me still at home, and said everywhere, saying that I was pregnant with other people’s children, and wanted to find his son as a pick -up man. The children in my stomach didn’t know who it was.

She also said that I was Keff, and every time I walked around in the village, everyone would point me to me.

At five months of pregnancy, my mother -in -law accelerated the pace of rushing to me. She scolded me every day, scolded my child, and sometimes even hit me.

I know that after my husband leaves, it is no longer my home, but I have no ability to raise a child alone.

In desperation, I chose to kill my child and leave the house sadly.

After I left, the village was passing again. I was a heartless woman, and even my own child had been killed. Since then, the village’s rumors about me have never stopped.

It rained, I raised my head, and let the raindrops drip on my face, mixed with tears dripping.

"Husband, sorry, I asked my daughter to accompany you, mother -in -law, not deserved to be grandma …"

“””””What is the cold and cold people look like”

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