After pregnancy, fart, stinky, and loud, please tell me that it is not me!

Xiao Qing: Now I am more than 9 months pregnant, and I will unload it right away. I have to talk about myself. From about 5 months of pregnancy, the fart has increased.The sound is so loud and the taste is not ordinary. I want to know if I am the only one like me, or every pregnant woman is like this. Let me know that I am not alone, not alone!

Netizen 1: You are not alone!I also, sometimes it ’s very painful to get angry when I ca n’t get out of my stomach. I have to release it, and it’ s comfortable to release it.The fart released is a stinky, and the shit pulled out is also particularly smelly!I have abandoned myself!

Netizen 2: Six months of pregnancy, I kept farting, especially at night, but it seemed to bring my husband.Because he returned from get off work and always farted, he always said why he farted at home when he got home, and he would not say that I would be wonderful. The whole room was wonderful!

Netizen 3: My husband sleeps in the quilt. Now as long as I feel I feel hard, he quickly takes out his head, and he will react his instinct after many times!

Netizen 4: From pregnancy to now for three months, almost 20 every day, I have no face to see people, and my stomach swelled every day …

Why do you fart during pregnancy?

In fact, the fart becomes normal after pregnancy. On the one hand, it is because of hormone secretion. On the one hand, it is because the fetus is getting bigger and larger. It is pressed to the large intestine and the intestine.The fart taste is caused by constipation during pregnancy.

Reduce flatulence and relieve constipation, you can eat less meals, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t be afraid to go to the toilet, drink plenty of water, rub your belly when you are sitting and lying downThe phenomenon of fart and fart will decrease.

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