After pregnancy, 80%of food you think you need to be taboo can actually be eaten!

For many years of employment, I have encountered a particularly more pregnant mother’s consultation "Can you eat":

Can crabs eat?Can hot pot be eaten?Can hawthorn be eaten?

Can I eat spicy?Can I eat ice?Can you eat sour?

Even expectant mothers asked: Can mutton beef be eaten?

My answer is: Yes, yes, yes.

Pregnancy is not sick, don’t treat yourself as a patient.

It is a good thing to have appetite. When you want to eat, go to eat.

Just don’t eat hairy crabs in a lot of rice;

Don’t eat cake as a lot of rice;

Don’t eat a lot of chocolate as rice;

Don’t drink cold drinks every day as boiled water;

There is usually no problem.

Of course, I don’t mean that pregnant women have no taboos.

After all, there is a small life in the belly.

There are also foods that pregnant mothers really need to taboo: also:


Wine and alcoholic beverages

Drinking a lot of alcohol, a small amount of alcohol is not enough!

Whether it is white beer or red wine rice wine, or alcoholic beverages, "stays".

Because alcohol can damage the development of the baby’s nervous system.

So, is it okay to put some cooking wine when cooking?

The answer is yes.

Because the alcohol content in cooking wine is particularly small, and in the process of high temperature heating, alcohol will volatilize, making the alcohol content close to 0.Therefore, putting a little cooking wine during cooking will not have any impact on the fetus.But don’t put more.


Unpredictable meat and seafood

Half -lifetime steak, no completely fried snail lobster crayfish, raw eggs, sashimi, etc. are not recommended to eat.

No one knows if it contains parasites and pathogenic bacteria.Like a sashimi that many people love, in addition to parasites, they may also carry pathogenic bacteria, such as Escharius Esmacho, which can cause food poisoning.

Of course, if you are particularly sure of the sanitation and safety you want to eat, it is also possible to eat.But don’t think that you are going to a high -end restaurant, there is no problem, who can guarantee it?

In addition, the expectant mothers who love hot pot pay attention to cooking hot pots for a long time to cook for a long time to ensure that they are all cooked before eating.


Raw eggs, hot spring eggs

Raw eggs are easily contaminated by Salmonella. Patients with low function of pregnant women, children, and immune systems are not recommended to eat to avoid infection with acute gastroenteritis.

In April 2018, more than 200 million eggs in the United States were infected with Salmonella, and officials ordered the recall.

When cooking eggs, you must cook it thoroughly. Don’t eat half a lifetime.


No clean raw vegetables

If you like to eat raw vegetables, you must wash it and eat it.

If the vegetable cultivation process is not managed well, the surface of the vegetables may be contaminated with parasitic eggs.

For example, if the organic vegetable production process is used as fertilizer with no feces that are not fully fermented and rotten.


Milk and dairy products that have not been disinfected by Basar

Nearly a hundred pathogenic bacteria are hidden in fresh milk that has not been processed, including E. coli, Bacteria, Burgang, etc. After infection, people will have symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever.Threat life.

But don’t worry too much, because we generally don’t have the opportunity to drink without sterilization milk.

The fresh milk we usually set is the fresh milk squeezed out of the day, and the Pakistani milk processed by the Basal sterilization method is healthy and safe.

In addition, no dairy products such as Basal disinfected cheese, and pregnant mothers should not eat it.

There are a lot of food, and in October, you have a hard work. You do n’t have to be wronged, but the premise must be sanitary and clean!

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