After ovulation, but I have never been pregnant. Is these reasons?

In order to find the time of ovulation, many couples have been prepared to calculate the menstrual cycle, detect the test strip with ovulation, and use basic body temperature tests. Some even go to the hospital for ovulation monitoring.Baby, why is this?

4 major reasons for not pregnancy after ovulation

1. No advantageous follicles

Follicular development is mature, forming advantageous follicles, can it be combined with sperm after discharge, and women can get pregnant.If women suffer from ovarian diseases or endocrine diseases, the growth and development of follicles will be affected, resulting in dysplasia of follicles, unable to form advantageous follicles, and there is a situation where ovulation is not pregnant.

2. The fallopian tube is not smooth

In the process of fertility, the fallopian tube plays the role of picking up eggs, transporting sperm and fertilized eggs. Only when the fallopian tube is unobstructed, the shape and function are normal, so that sperm and eggs can be combined.

If the fallopian tube is blocked, water accumulation or adhesion, the eggs cannot be combined with sperm after the eggs are discharged.

3. There is a disease in the uterus

The uterus is a place for fertilized eggs and fetal development. The uterine development is abnormal or there are diseases, such as uterine malformations, endometrium, thin endometrium, and uterine adhesion.Can’t get pregnant after ovulation.

4. The number of sperm and poor quality

Sperm needs to go through a heavy level to reach the binding of fallopian tubes and eggs.If the number of men’s sperm is small and poor, sperm is likely to be unable to reach the fallopian tube, and because of poor quality and poor quality, even when the fallopian tube is reached, it cannot be combined with eggs, which will cause women to not be pregnant after ovulation.

How to check without pregnancy?

Conception is a complex physiological process. Any problem in the above four links cannot be pregnant.

Therefore, if the pregnancy for more than one year (more than half a year due to the treatment of diseases for disease) is not pregnant, both the husband and wife should go to a professional hospital for examination at the same time, find out the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.

The man does sperm examination, the woman does B ultrasound, fallopian tube examination, endocrine examination.The husband and wife went to the hospital for 3-7 days after the women’s menstruation was clean. All items could be checked and could be checked in one day.

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