After marriage, the stomach has not moved. My mother -in -law was anxious and gave me a gift. I saw my face blushing at a glance.


On this day, my husband was going to work late.

I am wondering. Although my mother -in -law and I have a good relationship, but because I have a good look down every day, I do n’t have to look up every day. There is no need to engage in this sense of ritual.

But when she saw her mother -in -law took out a piece of clothes from a paper bag. When she shook away, I saw that her face was red.

It turned out to be a crescent white suspender pajama, or silk, a large V -neck in front, and a large mouth on the back.

I couldn’t help but embarrassed: "Mom, how do you buy this for me? I have several pieces before the nightdress."

My mother -in -law’s mouth was leaning: "I see you so hot, and wearing pajamas with long -sleeved trousers. This is the mother who deliberately let Lingling bring you from the provincial capital. Your skin is white and wearing this will definitely look good."

Lingling is the daughter of my mother -in -law and sister, working in the provincial capital.

Listening to my mother -in -law, I am even more embarrassing. How can my mother -in -law ask others to pick me up home clothes, and this style?

"It’s not that I say you, only in the age of 20, how can I wear more conservative than my old lady? The weather is getting hotter, so I should wear this cool style."

I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional. When the mother -in -law was about to go back, I added another sentence: "I think Chen Dong must also like it. Tomorrow is the weekend, you can get up late, the ate mother will do it, don’t worry."I took the door.

As soon as I heard it, I realized the meaning of my mother -in -law instantly, and my face blushed, but I felt stressful.


My husband Chen Dong and I have been married for more than half a year. The two have a good relationship. Unfortunately, they have not conceived their children. They have been married for almost time, and their stomachs are already pregnant.

We have gone to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that we are fine. It may be a psychological burden. It is too anxious. Let us relax and soon we can be pregnant.

When I heard the doctor said this, I was relieved, thinking that I might not have arrived with the child’s fate, so I was not in a hurry.

But I do n’t know how to do it. Before that, my mother -in -law still comforted me, saying that there was no need to worry about having children.

But this month, she always asked me about my pregnancy, and said to herself from time to time: What is going on?Is it the reason for diet?

When I was at home on the weekend, I usually wear pajamas, because the clothes are relatively loose, my mother -in -law sometimes stares at my belly without blinking at a glance, and seeing my heart straight.

And no matter what she talked, she always tipped the topic of pregnancy and child, which made the nerves that had just relaxed.

I have thought about this, and I have mentioned it quietly with my husband a few times, saying that my mother has put me so too much pressure. Can you not do this?

Her husband asked her mother -in -law to say this, and her mother -in -law agreed verbally, but she would repeat her skills in a while.

Just like this time, she deliberately sent a suspender nighttime, the meaning is too obvious, afraid that I would not be charming in front of her son, so …

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help laughing, and couldn’t help shaking my head and sighing.

My mother -in -law wanted to hug her grandson.


On this day, I was a little uncomfortable, so I came back from get off work in advance. I was confused in bed, but I was awakened by WeChat voice calls in the living room.

It turned out that her mother -in -law and sister came. She told me that my mother -in -law had been arranged, and she was placed tomorrow afternoon, and let her pass in the morning because she had to do a series of inspections.

Do n’t worry about what she said, she will accompany it in the past.

I heard a moment of excitement. What was the situation?Is it a mother -in -law to move surgery?What disease she got?Why never heard her mention?

I had no drowsiness at all, and got out of the room and walked out of the room.

When her mother -in -law saw me, she suddenly froze, and she obviously forgot that I was at home.

"Mom, just now aunt called, how did you listen to her say that you are going to surgery tomorrow? What kind of disease is it, and why never hear you mentioned?"

When her mother -in -law couldn’t hide it anymore, she said easily: "It’s not a serious illness. Some time ago, I always felt that my stomach was uncomfortable.Help to arrange, you don’t have to worry too much. "

Tumor?I’m nervous.

And I clearly see that the mood of my mother -in -law has fallen down, obviously not a minor illness.

My mother -in -law looked at me nervous, but comforted me: "There is a small surgery, don’t worry too much, she will take care of me when she arrives, why should you do it?"

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about the abnormal behavior of my mother -in -law during this time. Is she afraid she would not be able to see her grandson birth?

After finally waiting for my husband to come back at night, I immediately mentioned it to him.

Her husband was also nervous and immediately went to his mother’s room.

Mother -in -law had to tell the truth.


Last time, she was uncomfortable and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her that her condition was not optimistic and made her prepare for psychological preparation.

She was stunned for a long time.

However, because of age, I have seen too many impermanence in life, and she does not have the feeling of falling down.

I just thought that she hadn’t hugged her grandson, and she was unwilling.

The anxiety in her heart, but it was not easy to tell us clearly, so she could only knock on the side and remind them secretly.

I suddenly realized that no wonder my mother -in -law was so abnormal during this time. It turned out to be worried about her body, afraid that she would not be able to support her grandchildren.

The old lady took such a big thing in her own heart, which was not easy.

My heart was a bit blocked.

The next day, my husband and I asked for leave and went to the hospital with my mother -in -law.

At more than two o’clock in the afternoon, my mother -in -law was pushed into the operating room. My husband and my aunt and I were waiting nervously in front of the operating room.

I secretly prayed that her mother -in -law was not old. She hadn’t become a grandma yet, and God would definitely give her this opportunity.

God blessed, the operation was successful, and fortunately, when the result came out, it was benign, and we were all relieved.

In the past few days when my mother -in -law was hospitalized, the three of us took turns taking care of, but my mother -in -law was afraid that I was exhausted. I always asked me to go back to rest, saying that her sister was just as soon as possible.

Of course, I know my mother -in -law’s careful thought. She is worried that I am exhausted and it is not easy to conceive.

I sighed secretly, and it seemed that her grandson had become a heart disease of her.


No one expected that the day when my mother -in -law was discharged, I also ushered in good news. There was a little life beating in my stomach.

When I told this good news to my mother -in -law, my mother -in -law was surprised and asked: Is it true?Are you sure you didn’t lie to me?

After getting an exact response, her mother -in -law choked almost, and even said it was so good, it was so good, and she wiped her tears.

Obviously, she is happy.

During the time when she was recuperating at home, her mother -in -law recovered particularly fast. She said that she had to get better quickly so that she could take care of me, and to welcome her little grandson in the future.

"Mom, if you are a girl, wouldn’t you be disappointed?" I joked with my mother -in -law.

"How do you? I like boys and girls!"

I believe this is the truth of her mother -in -law. She especially loves the child. Before retiring, she was a teacher, and all children were babies in her eyes.

If she is her own granddaughter, she is too much to be cherished.


Today, our daughter is over one year old, and my mother -in -law is not enough.

She often said that she was given a granddaughter. She should live well and strive for a long -lasting life, so as to watch the children grow up healthy and happy.

I believe her wish will be realized.

Because Aiyong stayed in our hearts for a long time.

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