After half a year of divorce of my mother and dad, she became pregnant again. The ending was too unexpected.

In 2019, I got married.This is the most important moment in my life, and my beloved I am about to enter the palace of marriage.But on the eve of the wedding, I had a shocking thing when I called my husband and I called me.

While calling at the video, my mother rang the door and climbed into my quilt silently.She seemed something wrong, and I immediately hung up the video.I saw her wet eyes, obviously crying.There was a sour in my heart, and I shed tears.

This night, my mother and I talked for a long time, and she shared her story with her father.I never thought that their marriage had experienced a divorce.

Back to 1989, Dad and Mom worked in the same shoe factory.They are still young and work together every day, and they slowly feel good.Dad pursued her mother, gave early, and sent a fashionable fabric, and asked her to watch a movie together.The mother’s family is better, showing some sense of superiority.But over time, she was moved by her father’s sincerity, let go of her posture, and began to associate with her dad.

However, the dating behavior of that era was simple and clear, and a look could express the true thoughts.Dating means promising.Dad is certainly very happy to apply for overtime every day, just to accompany her mother for a while.Even on the way home to get home, my dad always turned to no one to hold the hand in order to hold more people.

After they fell in love, the mother became particularly gentle and took care of her father.Every time she gets good things at home, she will secretly bring some of her father.I soon discovered her mother’s relationship, especially one day, the mother secretly took the lipstick of the uncle and forgot to put it back.I didn’t ask, but said that my lipstick was not suitable for the little girl, and then went to the department store to buy a new one for her mother.

My mother told her dad, and my dad said that he would not have any opinions on him in the future.Mom blushed.

One year after they were together, Dad planned to take his mother home at the end of the year to see his parents.However, in this six months, Grandpa, who had fallen in the family, suddenly planned to start a business, sold his grandma’s jewelry, and began to buy and sell imported goods.Unexpectedly, Grandpa made a fortune overnight and became an upstart. He also bought a new house, and he was alive.

Grandpa told his father, don’t go to the factory to work and take care of him with him.Dad was reluctant to leave her mother and unwilling to agree.He also plans to take his mother home to see his parents, but Grandpa resolutely opposed that his mother was not worthy of his father.

Dad was unwilling to obey the arrangement of Grandpa and insisted on marrying his mother.Mom realized that her life would become unhappy after she married her father.In order to let her mother live a good life and work desperately, she went out early and returned every day, and there was almost no time to accompany her mother.My mother felt the pressure of life after marriage. Every day at home, even if the luxurious decoration could not fill her inner emptiness.

Mom often feels distressed for her dad’s hard work.When Dad returned home, he was exhausted. The mother took off her socks and looked at him asleep, tears could not help but fall.She missed the days when she worked with her dad at the factory. At that time, they could get along with each other every day. There was hope and life full of hope.

However, Dad did not have a business mind, and his relationship with Grandpa turned sharply.They quarrel at home almost every day.Mom once tried to mediate, but now she can calmly eat dinner and no longer ask the dispute between them.

Mom decided to divorce, which was the summer of their marriage.She first proposed to go back to work in the factory, and Grandpa disagreed.Later, she proposed to move out, and her father agreed, but Grandpa opposed it.He believes that this will be shameful, and the family should live together.

Dad worked hard for a long time, but Grandpa still did not agree.My mother was going to leave, and finally said helplessly that if she didn’t move out, she would divorce.

Dad knows her mother and knows that she is not happy after she married.This time, he stood firmly on his mother.Although Grandpa disagreed, Dad moved out with his mother.

Grandpa learned that his father and mother moved out, and became furious.The next day, he brought a few employees to the old house and threw out the things of his father and mother.He said that the old house was also his home property and did not allow them to live.

Mom was anxious, and simply took her dad back to her mother’s house.This makes Grandpa even more angry, he threatened to cut off the relationship with his father and son.

Grandpa’s behavior made her aunt angry. She married a foreign country for many years and never returned.Grandpa felt very failed because even the child left him.

Dad took care of him during his grandfather’s hospitalization. At the same time, his mother returned to work in the shoe factory.One day after get off work, she went to the hospital to see her grandpa, but Grandpa said that her mother abducted her father and did not let her enter the ward.

Mom was so angry that he thought of the grievances of his father’s house in the past two years, and he proposed a divorce.Maybe she is really desperate, no matter how Dad asked for peace, she still resolutely wants to divorce.

Dad also felt wronged. He had been standing on his mother and confronted her for her, but his mother didn’t understand him and had to divorce.As a result, Dad was angry and agreed to divorce.

The next day, they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a divorce certificate.When the staff stamped, the mother regretted it, but it could not be recovered.Dad’s face has always been cold. When the staff handed the divorce certificate to his hand, he suddenly blushed.

After the divorce, Dad also found a chance to meet his mother several times, and gave some things each time, recalling the past little by little.Mom was guilty, but she did not show it.She said that unless Grandpa personally said, he would not consider remarriage.

Dad asked the grandmother to convey this condition to Grandpa, but Grandpa’s face was cold and he refused.He believes that the condition of this home is very good, and Dad is not worried about marrying a new daughter -in -law.

Dad is unwilling to marry someone else, he only needs his mother.

However, after half a month, Grandpa finally apologized to his mother.Because my mother is pregnant.

Dad was particularly happy to tell Grandpa, Grandpa said, "She is pregnant, how can she not remarry."

But my mother said more resolutely: "I can’t raise children."

They were deadlocked for another week, but in fact they were reconciled and decided to remarry.Mom did not allow her father to tell Grandpa that she insisted on asking Grandpa to apologize himself.

Dad had to ask Grandpa.

Grandpa’s face was cold, and he was unwilling to admit his mistakes.But he didn’t expect his mother to have such a bone, even if he was pregnant, he didn’t bow his head.He had to apologize with his face.

Grandpa brought a bunch of valuable gifts and apologized to his uncle, father and mother.Mom no longer sets up, promised to remarry.However, she proposed three conditions.

First of all, they have to move out to live alone; second, when the child is three years old, the mother is going to work; in the end, Grandpa cannot interfere with their lives.

Although Grandpa was a bit unhappy, he could only agree.

On the same day, the mother and dad went back. The next day, they went to the remarriage procedure.Grandpa gave them the big house, and he and his grandmother moved back to the old house.

However, their lives turned again.In the fourth year after my birth, the economic development was rapid, but it also ushered in the financial crisis.Grandpa’s company did not escape this crisis and closed down. He had to sell a large house to repay the debt.Mom and dad can’t have to move back again and live with grandparents.

The bankruptcy this time made Grandpa’s body and mind.He is already in his 60s, and he has no thoughts on his parents.Mom was promoted to become the director of the workshop, and has mastered the absolute right to speak in the family.Grandpa has grandson, and his temperament seems to be much gentle.

He has experienced ups and downs in his life, which is sighing.

When I was nine years old, when I was in class, my mother came to school to pick me up and told me that Grandpa had died.The aunt who marry a foreign country was also back. She wore a fashionable dress and spent her crying.

In memory, Grandpa is particularly good to me.He is older than other people’s grandpa. He showed me the photos of his youth. He stood in front of his ancestral house in a gown, and was very similar to the heroes in the movie.

After half a year after Grandpa died, he also played with people.After the older generation of relatives left, the father sold his ancestral house, and our family moved to the city.Dad tried several entrepreneurship, but he always failed, and in the end he could only start a small business.Mom found the work of cashier at the supermarket in front of the door.

Our family lives an ordinary and happy life.After so many twists and turns, our life taught us the importance of love and being loved. We all felt the warmth and affection of the family.I know that I will inherit their love and create my own happiness.

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