After giving birth to a child’s belly, it is still like a 6 -month -old pregnant woman, my mother walks in 4 steps to easily eliminate the big belly

Many mothers are complaining: "Mother of Fairy, why did I have a child, the meat on my stomach still grabs a lot, and the meat on the belly can cover the feet." In fact, as long as we can find the right lifeIt is not impossible to get rid of the big belly.

One year after giving birth, the three major reasons for the body are still obese

1. Mom breastfeeding time is too short

Some sources of nutrients in breast milk, especially protein, are obtained by fat decomposition in the mother’s body. If the mother can insist on breastfeeding, it is very helpful for postpartum recovery.Premature breaking milk is also the main cause of postpartum obesity.

2. Due to breastfeeding, excess nutrition

Many mothers choose breastfeeding after giving birth. One person eats and two make up.Many mothers are worried about lack of milk, babies will be malnourished, and they will make up for special supplements during breastfeeding. When ingesting nutrients and unable to consume in time, they will become fat accumulated in the body.

3. Too little exercise

After childbirth, due to the many housework and parenting trivia, there was no chance to go to the gym to exercise.The amount of activity is too small, and if you eat too much, you have become a potential crowd of obesity.Over time, the meat of the belly, neck, and thighs piled up into a mountain, and it was a fan.

How to reduce the annoying big belly?

1. Reduce the diet

First of all, fat is definitely caused by certain nutrient intake in diet, such as sugar, protein, fat.So we should try to have less sugar and carbohydrates in our diet.It is recommended to replace soda water, with fruit instead of desserts, and use honey instead of sugar.Eat more vegetables and coarse grains.

2. Decrease weight

It is recommended that mothers can walk or jog for half an hour every day, but I recommend that mothers choose to jog, and know that the energy consumed by jogging is about 3 times walking.

Swimming 2 to 3 times a week. Swimming can improve our cardiopulmonary function, which is more conducive to our fat reduction and weight. Swimming can consume 500 calories for one hour.

3. Strengthen abdominal muscle training

Aerobic exercise can reduce fat and weight, but it cannot make your abdomen more flat. It is recommended to try anaerobic exercise.

Vacuum abdomen exercise

This exercise is very simple. Moms can slowly exhale the air in the belly and shrink the abdominal muscles. The closer the belly, the better the back, and hold the breath for 15 seconds.Inhale, abdominal recovery.Do 10 times.Do it 3 times a day.After a few weeks, you will find that your waist will become thinner.

Flat support

Everyone should be familiar with this action. It is recommended to do it 3 times a day for 30 seconds each time.Increase 5 seconds per day.This exercise can not only consume fat, but also make the abdominal muscles stronger and alleviate the back pain caused by breastfeeding.

4. Enhancement of abdominal muscles

The most effective exercise for exercise abdominal muscles should be regarded as SET UP, and it is sitting up.There are many ways to change to sit up to sit up.Trying different sit -up sites can exercise different positions of the abdominal muscles.

Today we introduce a different one. Mom can lie on the ground back, put both hands on both sides of the body, raised the head and shoulders slightly, slowly raised their legs, put down, and did 10 to 15 times, 3 groups.Persist for a month.

Muscle recovery

It is recommended that after the exercise is over, mothers can take a bath with cold water (we Chinese do not like to take a bath in cold water, it is recommended to lower the temperature of the water). Low -temperature bath water can relieve muscle soreness caused by lactic acid in the muscles after exercise.The body will also consume more energy.

The method of reducing the stomach mentioned in this article is suitable for the baby’s mother after the age of age.For specific reasons, this article does not explain in detail.

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