After giving birth to a baby, there was a "mother’s waist", and she also had backaches when she was standing and speaking. What are the reasons?

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I still remember that when I was a kid, I said my back pain, and my grandmother always teased: "Children have no waist." At that time, I really believed it.

Later, I got married and gave birth to a baby, not only long waist, but also a typical "mother waist".If you ask your mother what it feels like, it is probably "standing back and talking back pain".

Many elderly people said that after giving birth to a child’s back pain is confinement, it is a lifetime.Later, some people said that only the back pain of the talent with a caesarean section was actually not accurate.

Back pain is not necessarily confinement. Many women have begun to have back pain during pregnancy. Until the birth of the child, it becomes more and more serious.

However, there is a pity that the mother can rest, but with the "mother’s waist", she is in a state of being difficult to settle every day.

My situation is better. My family knows that I have low back pain. I pay attention to letting me rest in my confinement and after confinement.

My cousin is much more serious than me, and her waist is very painful during pregnancy. She often brings her baby by confinement, and slowly recovered after more than half a year after giving birth.

The reason for being found by the "mother’s waist" is very complicated. If you don’t want to be troubled by this, you must first understand the cause.

★ I have quietly approached the prospective mother during pregnancy

Back pain at this stage is often caused by progesterone first, and even with pubic pain, there is no way to avoid it.

The presence of progesterone is conducive to fetal development, but at the same time, it also relaxes the muscles and ligaments of expectant mothers. The waist and pelvis are most affected, so low back pain occurs.

★ More and more pregnant belly, put pressure on the waist of the expectant mother

In fact, both men and women are a relatively fragile part.Usually, everyone can sit for a long time or exhaustion, and the pregnant mother has more pressure on the waist.

Near the due date, the weight of the fetus is about 6 ~ 8 catties, and in addition to the fetus, there are amniotic fluid and placenta in the pregnant belly, the weight is far more than 10 pounds.

Women during pregnancy are very heavy every day, and all weight and center of gravity are on the stomach, involving the waist of expectant mothers. Even if there is no pregnancy and no progesterone, such stress can cause back pain.

★ Lumbar pain is not necessarily a "confinement disease", it can be avoided

In addition to the above two causes of women’s "mother’s waist", more people attribute back pain into confinement disease.In fact, the two have no absolute relationship, because low back pain can be avoided.

The overall body of women after childbirth is relatively weak, and some of them will have an impact on the body if they are not done well.

One of the major reasons for women’s back pain for a long time after giving birth is to sit in a long time to hold the baby, which makes the fragile lumbar spine unbearable, and frequently passes the danger signal with pain, but women do not know how to deal with it.

Under pregnancy, low back pain does not necessarily last until the postpartum, low back pain in confinement may not "pain for a lifetime".As long as women pay more attention to relieve pain or even avoid.

First of all, sitting right and longing: don’t sit for a long time, or not, let alone sit up, don’t learn "Ge You lying".I feel uncomfortable, you can put a pillow or pillow on the back of the waist, don’t put too much pressure on the lumbar spine.

Secondly, we must control the weight during pregnancy: It is to prevent the pregnant belly from putting pressure on the lumbar spine too much, and then it is also good for the body of yourself and fetal treasure.

In the end, do not use your waist too much in confinement. Parents and mothers can sit and breastfeed. If the baby is crying, you must also take turns to hold the baby with your family.

Try not to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. After sitting, you can get up and walk to allow the lumbar spine to get activity and soothing. Back pain will not be frequent, and it is not easy to become serious.

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