After giving birth, do women go to the ring?These 5 functions understand

Sheung Wan is a contraceptive method that places the birthplace in the uterine cavity, and it is also a way to choose a contraceptive method that many women choose.Women will not have a great impact on women’s bodies after Shanghai, so it is better than contraceptives.After giving birth to a child, women actually need contraception. Using the upper ring is a good choice.What are the benefits of women on the ring after giving birth?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Meet the needs of contraception

After the birth of a child, although the menstruation recovered early and late, ovulation was recovered early.If you do not use contraceptive methods in sexual life in sexual life, it will cause women to get pregnant accidentally and have two children. It is very large for women’s body overdrafts.Can be aborted and hurts the body of women.After the birth of a child, a woman can meet the needs of contraception after giving birth. After 42 days of delivery, she can go to the ring. It is very convenient to go to the ring after 6 months.

2. The contraceptive effect is very good

Although the Shekuan is not 100%contraception, any contraceptive method is not 100%contraception. Its contraceptive effect is in the upper reaches of all contraceptive methods.Therefore, it is a wise choice after delivery.

3. Long time for contraception

The condom is worn every time sex life. Emergency contraceptives are to eat after every dangerous life. Safe contraception is not absolutely safe every few days a month.These contraceptive methods are very troublesome compared to Shanghuan.The continuous contraception time of the Sheung Wan is very long. If women choose a one -year ring, they can contraception for one year. If you choose 10 years, you can contraception for 10 years to see women’s choices.

4. More economical

Every time the Shekou spends about hundreds to a thousand, although it looks large each time, it is more economical and affordable.However, a box is tens of yuan, and the contraceptive pills are very unnecessary if they eat it every day.The upper ring can last for a long time, which is more cost -effective.

5. The upper ring is reversible

The reason why many women do not go to the ring is mainly because they are afraid that they cannot take it out after getting on the ring, so it is difficult to conceive when they want to get pregnant.In fact, it is reversed. If you plan to take out the ring in advance when you are pregnant, you can prepare your body, and you can prepare for pregnancy in about three months.So this is also more convenient, but also to take care of the needs of women.

After the production, women can meet the needs of pregnancy and avoid accidental pregnancy.There are also these benefits of Shanghuan. I hope you can choose the most suitable way for your contraceptive method.

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