After eating a pot of crayfish, 15 -year -old guy dizzy and chest tightly entered the hospital!Doctor: Eat such people with caution

It didn’t take long to enter the spring,

Someone has been exposed to the circle of friends

The first crayfish in 2023.

Red and tender shrimp,

Golden Cancan’s shrimp is coveted,

But not long ago,

Some people are hospitalized because of "it".

Recently, a 15 -year -old junior high school student Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) in Hangzhou Linping District Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Hospital was tested. When he was admitted to the hospital, he complained to dizziness, chest tightness, and weakness. He liked to play basketball very much.Last weekend, I would make a few two or three friends to play a few games.

Last Saturday, he met with his classmates as usual as usual. After exercising that day, Xiao Yu and his classmates went to a buffet restaurant for supper. After returning home at night, he felt uncomfortable.In bed the next day, the symptoms were even more serious.

Xiaoyu’s muscle pain was dizzy, chest tightness, and weakness. The family hurriedly sent him to Linping District Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital.

Director Yang Tao, who was admitted, performed a series of examinations for Xiaoyu. As a result, Xiaoyu’s hemotrophone kinase was as high as 4227U/L, which was more than 200 times the normal!Both lower limbs tenderness is obvious, and various signs show that Xiaoyu has performers.

Director Yang gave him a fluid and alkaline urine treatment. Considering the symptoms of renal dysfunction, he also had symptoms of renal function.In order to avoid acute renal failure, they were immediately arranged for treatment and admission. "Have you changed in recent days?"

After some investigations, "real murderer" finally found.Xiaoyu’s "abnormal" was related to the buffet eaten on the day of the exercise, because she loved to eat crayfish. On the same day, Xiaoyu was free, and after a meal, she ate a whole large pot of crayfish.

After finding the reason, the symptomatic traditional Chinese and Western medicine were treated. Three days later, Xiao Yu’s creatine kinases had dropped to 446U/L. Other indicators returned to normal and became hospitalized a few days ago.

A lobster almost ate "big trouble", which could make Xiao Yu and his family.

Director Yang Tao said that the crayfish itself will not cause the horizontal muscle to dissolve, but in the living environment of crayfish, if the water quality is not good or uses certain drugs, various toxins are stored in the crayfish body.It may lead to the emergence of transverse muscle dissolving.

Entering April, the weather gradually became hot, and it was the season when the crayfish went public. As a well -known Internet celebrity supper, the foodies are looking forward to Duoyi again.

Director Yang Tao reminded that although the lobster is delicious, it is also very particular about eating. Clean and hygiene is the first, and you cannot eat too much. You cannot drink too much beer and cold drinks at the same time when eating.Consumption can easily cause allergic reactions in the body. Therefore, people with allergies should eat cautiously. In addition, people with higher uric acid and patients with respiratory diseases must also be "leisurely", which will increase gout and induce bronchitis and asthma.

Reporter Shi Wen, a correspondent Cai Lifen Zhang Qingqing

Source: Voice of Hangzhou

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