After confirming that after pregnancy, the mother of the workplace should pay more attention in the following 8 aspects, and spend the pregnancy during the pregnancy.

Author | Donglinfu

The most concerned about the mother -in -law after pregnancy is to do both work and raise the baby in my stomach. When I am pregnant with my daughter, I have been working until the due date.Both work and childbirth during work and pregnancy are good. Here I talk about some of my experience and give my sisters for a reference.

1. Keep sufficient sleep.

Pregnant women generally sleep, especially early pregnancy.I was particularly easy to be sleepy in the first three months of pregnancy. I couldn’t help but sleep on the table at all. I couldn’t get up in the morning.

After discovering this situation, I immediately adjusted my strategy, forced myself to sleep with any leisure time, try not to swipe my phone, reduce leisure time, and strive to go to bed every night.

When I was in the office at noon, I no longer dinner with my colleagues, but to fight for more time to sleep on my desk for more time.

In this way, I slowly adapted to the rhythm of work during pregnancy, and my mood became better and better.

2. To avoid standing or sitting for a long time, you must change your posture on time.

Because of the baby, the "load" of the lower limbs of the pregnant woman is relatively large, so if you stand for a long time, your legs will feel uncomfortable.If you always sit and the waist will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, even if you are at work, you should pay attention to changing your posture. Sit for a while and stand for a while. Relatively speaking, your body is more comfortable.

3. Avoid heavy work or lifting.

The pregnant woman’s belly is with the baby, and some of the heavy work should not be done for the time being. At this stage, the health of the fetus and pregnant women is the most important.

The other is not to mention heavy objects.

I once went to the supermarket during pregnancy, and I bought too much. I held two large plastic bags in my hand. I felt that my stomach was particularly uncomfortable. I immediately called and asked himOrdinary people seem to be very ordinary, but for pregnant women, they need to pay more attention.

4. Avoid anxiety and try to make yourself happy.

Many sisters are easy to fluctuate after pregnancy. On the one hand, they are because of their uncomfortable body, such as pregnancy vomiting. On the other hand, because of changes in hormones in the body, it is also easy to cause emotional sensitivity to pregnant women.

There is also concerns about the uncertainty of future life, because after all, there must be a baby, and there will be changes in personal life and family expenses, so many pregnant women are easy to worry about.

I was no exception at the time when I was pregnant, and it was easy to magnify very small things, and my emotions were easy to get out of control.

Many pregnant women think that they are "doing" because they have the coquettishness of their children. In fact, there are many physiological reasons in it. Therefore, as a family member of pregnant women, we must understand and inclusive.

Later, I realized that anxiety and love not only were not good for my body, but also not good for the baby in my stomach. I told myself in advance to be calm. At this stage, the baby in the stomach is the most important, and the others are floating clouds.Slowly mood suddenly became open and better and better.

5. Pay attention to the safety of your feet and choose comfortable and effortless shoes.

Pregnant women are heavy, and the shoes must choose to walk comfortably and not easy to slip under their feet.

Pregnant women should also pay attention to the safety of the feet when taking a bath. The temperature of the water should not be too high or too low. Try to shorten the bath time. After all, it will be tired when taking a bath for a long time.

6. Take a walk appropriately every day, don’t always lie down or sit still.

Appropriate walking is conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant women, and it is also conducive to the healthy growth of the baby in the stomach.

Try to accompany your family when walking and pay attention to safety.

7. Pay attention to the balanced diet and try to eat it cleanly.

I must realize that I am a pregnant woman. Don’t eat as much as you want when you are not pregnant. After all, there are babies in your stomach. If you do n’t eat well, it will not only affect your baby’s development, but also cause adverse effects. Therefore, you ca n’t be sloppy during your pregnancy.Essence

When I was pregnant, I quit many street snacks. I usually bring meals from home or go to a clean and hygienic restaurant to eat. I dare not neglect at eating.

8. Try to choose the left side to sleep on the middle and late pregnancy.

After my stomach is relatively large, my back is very uncomfortable and has a sense of oppression. The doctor suggested that I sleep with the left lying posture, saying that this would be better, so the whole pregnancy in the middle and late pregnancy, I basically adopted the left side of the sleeping posture.feel good.

In fact, for quasi -mothers in the workplace, the fatigue in the body is just one aspect. It is more important to maintain a good mood. If you are in a good mood, everything will be better and better.

Personalized mothers in the workplace must be "want to open" during pregnancy. I have to think about how to solve it. I ca n’t solve it. Remember to ask for help, do n’t carry it by yourself, do n’t work hard on yourself.After all, there is a baby in the stomach, and you must ensure the safety and health of yourself and your baby.

Looking back at the years when I am waiting to work, I am full and happy. Although there are many episodes in the middle, it is very smooth overall. My experience is to change my mind. I must remember that I am a pregnant woman in my heart. NoStubborn, do not escape. While doing your job well, you must also take into account your baby in his stomach.

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