After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant. I chose to remove my child, but I met my ex -boyfriend in the hospital

The hand that split with my ex -boyfriend a month ago, just a long time ago, I felt uncomfortable. I went to the hospital for examination. As a result, I was pregnant. This sudden child really made me chaos.

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My ex -boyfriend and I introduced them a year ago. We were in two adjacent schools.When we were together, he had always been good to me.My body was weak. During the time when we lived together, he often cooked soup for me. The housework was basically done by him. I just need to lie on the bed to rest and play with my mobile phone.Two months ago, my boyfriend suddenly returned home every night. When I asked him why, he said that it was a busy time for the school’s community. After a while, he would accompany me.I choose to believe that he is waiting for him to go home every day.

Occasionally, there was no fruit at home. I wanted to ask my ex -boyfriend to buy it for me, but I felt that he was late for him. If he didn’t want to trouble, he went to the supermarket by himself.But when I went out, I unexpectedly found that my boyfriend and a strange woman held hands from the door of the supermarket. I called him, but he said that he was still in school.I don’t understand when I see such a scene?So I moved out of the small house we rented by myself, and turned all of his contact information.

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I originally thought that the two of us could end like this before, but the sudden pregnancy report made me feel helpless.The arrival of the child really made me chaotic. My girlfriend said to me, let me go to him to ask him to be responsible, no matter how the money of getting a fetus, he would have to go out.But this kind of scum, I really don’t want to care about him and him.

Thinking about it, I still decided not to tell others, and let my girlfriend accompany me to the hospital to give birth.But I didn’t expect that day I met him in the hospital.He greeted me, I don’t want to ignore him, but he caught up and dragged me.I accidentally saw that he saw my pregnancy report.He asked me if I was pregnant. I didn’t care about him. He asked me if he was his child. The girlfriend couldn’t stand it. He told him the truth and pulled me away.After he was in a daze for a while, he caught up and told me that he was willing to be responsible and willing to marry me.I feel ridiculous. He said he was willing to marry me, and would I be willing to marry him.I will not forgive this man who has been derailed.

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Before entering the operating room, my ex -boyfriend always begged me, hoping that I would give him a chance and not to beat the child.My shouting to him was indifferent.When I woke up, my ex -boyfriend was waiting by my illness. My girlfriend said that I didn’t want to see him and asked him to go out. He said that he would leave a few words, and his girlfriend went out of the room obediently.He said he was sorry for me. It was not good at that time. I didn’t want to listen to him nonsense. He asked his girlfriend to drive him out. Before leaving, he left a sum of money and asked me to make up for him.

Later, I heard that he was derailed by his girlfriend, and he drunk all day, but all of this had nothing to do with me.

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