After being stubborn by scorpion, how to distinguish physical health?

I believe that many friends have been stung by scorpions, the pain is unbearable after being stung, and the hot tingling is burning.

Scorpion is a Chinese medicinal material, which has a long history of medicine.Scorpion venom is the main active ingredient of scorpion, containing components such as trothalamine, beetylene, biliary glycol, taurine, softness and liposic acid, lecithin, and a variety of amino acids.Although scorpion poison is widely used by modern medicine, its functions have not been fully developed.

Xiaobian is a senior scorpion enthusiast. He has been stung by a scorpion hundreds of times. With the experience of being staged by the scorpion, he summarized a few knowledge and distinguish the physical condition through the symptoms of the scorpion.The editor took the East Asian pliers as an example. I briefly introduced it. I hope my friends will correct it.

First, expand the time through scorpion poison, distinguish the blood concentration index

For the first time, the editor was eight years old. After being stubborn, it was about fifteen minutes.

Because the scorpion poisonous blood circulation is obvious, although the children’s resistance is poor, the blood is completely normal, so scorpion virus is expanded in a short period of time.

A friend of Xiaobian was more than forty years old. After being watched, he was about 50 minutes.His blood lipids were high, so scorpion poison expanded slowly in his body.

Therefore, after being accidentally stung by the scorpion, you can pay attention to the time of the scorpion poison spreading the whole body. The longer the time, the higher the blood concentration index.

Second, through the total time period of physical recovery, distinguish the physical health index

The first time I was stung, the recovery time was about 9 hours, and it was normal for about 4 hours to return to normal.

Due to the different age and physical condition, adults with normal constitution will reduce half of the pain in about 2 hours, and it can return to normal in about 4 to 6 hours.

Therefore, after being stung by a scorpion, the shorter the overall recovery time, the higher the health index of the physical health, and the longer the time, the lower the physical health index.

Third, distinguish the body’s moisture index through the symptoms of wounds

I have consulted many scorpion enthusiasts, and more than 90 % of people who have been stung will sweat at the wound of the wounds.

After the scorpion was stinged, the venom entered the human body via the tail and flowed through the whole body with the blood. However, the venom was dense at the wound. The venom kept stimulating the nerves of the human body, and the sweat would slowly emerge.

Under normal circumstances, the sweat sweat is tiny granular. If it is larger than the granular, it means that the moisture index in the body is relatively large.

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