After becoming pregnant, he became a fart king and dare not go out?Let’s bring a mask, others can’t recognize it

"Wife, I smell a smell, are you farting?" Kai Kai said with a smile, "Don’t admit it, there is only you and me at home," Kaikai’s wife said, "Not me, how can there be so many farts and put it."" ".Kai Kai knew that his wife had said a lie, but looking at her shameful face, she didn’t tease.

My wife is very strange. Why did she become a "fart king" after she was pregnant? "When you walk out, you will also bring a mask, for fear that others will recognize themselves when farting.Seeing this, have you ever felt the same?In fact, you will experience more embarrassing things after pregnancy, and then talk about this problem.

I want to go to the toilet without moving

I heard a lot of mothers spit out, and I wanted to go to the toilet every time I was pregnant. I couldn’t do anything.Do you know why you urinate frequently?In fact, because of pregnancy, the uterus slowly increases, and fetal activity will compress the mother’s bladder, which will cause frequent urination.However, Bao Ma, don’t urinate, don’t be good for your body, try to let it go.

During pregnancy, frequent urination is normal, and Baoma doesn’t have to feel trouble.If you don’t want to go to the toilet often, you can eat less diuretic foods, such as watermelon and cucumber.Summer is coming. Bao Ma try to hold back, eat less watermelon, or more easily run the toilet.When you sleep at night, you can lie on the left side and lie as little as possible, which can also reduce the number of times to go to the toilet.

Male doctor examination

Although the social concept is becoming more and more open now, many people still have conservative concepts.Just like some expectant mothers, when they were checked, they found that if they were male doctors, they might be at a loss, and their faces would become very red.Even some expectant mothers will ask for a doctor, and give up the examination if they do not change.In fact, expectant mothers don’t have to pay too much attention to this matter. If you persist again and again, you may put yourself in a more embarrassing situation.In the eyes of a male doctor, you are here to check, and there will be no other ideas.

When expectant mothers to go to the hospital for examination, they only need to pay attention to the doctor’s ability and don’t care about gender.Babies can be born smoothly and safely, so they don’t have to care about so many vulgar ceremonies.

Become a fart king after pregnancy

Like the wife of Kaikai mentioned above, she farted from time to time after pregnancy.This is a very embarrassing thing. When at home, her husband will laugh at himself as a fart king; when he goes out, he dare not go to a place where there are many people, for fear of smoking others and letting others gossip.You may choose to wear a mask out to avoid others discovering "poisonous gas".These embarrassing things, it is estimated that the Baoma will remember it for a lifetime. After the child is born, you may wish to tell him how easy it is to know how easy you are.

How many of these embarrassing things mentioned above have you experienced?

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