After a few months of pregnancy, I have to take leave, so coquettish!Meghan was vomited by the British again …

Since the Kenxin Palace announced that Meghan was pregnant some time ago, the British media’s lens was properly aimed at the royal couple.

The two have happened to visit Australia recently, and every day there are all kinds of news occupying the layout.

Basically, Meghan’s words and lines have been reported all over again:

"During the visit to Australia, Meghan wore the kind of clothes that the queen did not like!"

"Meghan said: I finally feel very free! The Duke’s social PO article reflects the attitude of holidays and liberation."

"Meghan gave the Australian army a hanging gift, and she presented a wreath with the melancholy Harry Monument Monument in Sydney Park."

"Leisure fashion! After buying a 2927 knife skirt, Meghan wore a white suit jacket, tight pants, and sunglasses, and looked fashionable."

Most of these news are about what Meghan wears, what he said, and where to go, and there is nothing too special.

The reason why there is such a high heat is on the one hand, the halo of attracting attention from the royal family, and on the other hand, the topicality of Mei Gen is very strong.

Unlike Princess Kate, Meghan has been picked up by British media and netizens from the beginning of dating Prince Harry.

Her former work, love, and family history have given people too much material that can gossip;

Before the wedding, Meghan’s family kept coming out of the news, and even the family personally spit out the "wrong" Meghan.

It can be said that over the past half of the marriage, Meghan’s headlines on the British media on the ground on the ground for three days, a large part of the reason is that she rely on her own controversy.

As a result, this trip to Australia with Harry was also followed by the media, and any details would not be easily let go.

But in general, before yesterday afternoon, Meghan’s behavior was still decent. Even those who did not like her could not pick much problems. The media could only wear them with her and Harry.interactive.

But this situation was finally "breakthrough" yesterday afternoon,

The media finally seized a "unbearable" of Meghan!

This is not decent, not that Meghan did something wrong, something wrong, what was wrong,

But she "invited a vacation":

On the morning of Zhou Tian, Mei should have watched the road bicycle competition with Harry at all, but Meghan did not appear.

But in the afternoon, Meghan, which did not appear in the morning, watched the sailing competition with Harry in accordance with the original plan.

At this time, the official spokesman for the royal family came out to explain that because the trip in Australia this week was full,

Meghan, who was three or four months pregnant, did not support his exhaustion, so he asked for a vacation in the morning.

In addition, the original plan to visit Fraser Island on Monday morning,

Because the road on the island is relatively rugged, it is not suitable for Meghan at this time, so she doesn’t need to participate.

The royal care emphasized: she was not sick, she was just tired for several days.

Nursing staff are worried that the road on the island is too rugged.It is very bumpy for ordinary people, let alone a pregnant woman.

But Meghan re -meeting with Harry later that day and met with the residents on the island.

This time, the netizens can be said to be exploded:

How to be a princess is still so delicate.

Many people began to say that Meghan was escaping his royal duty:

When Harry worked alone on the island, she resting in a luxury hotel.

Is the princess so good?

For a while, all kinds of vomiting spread on the entire network.

"Sorry, but ordinary women don’t have to stick to work at this time, and she has no privilege.

As I said, she was just pregnant and not sick.

These access strokes can be said to be the easiest job. Shaking hands with people, sitting down, eating a meal, posting will be, smiling sweetly, and people are crazy about it.

What is the difficulty in this?"

"What do those expectant mothers who are really working?

Who has no private life?Is this on vacation?In my opinion, this (access) is not a job at all."

Some people think that this leave of leave is completely Meghan intentionally for it, so as to attract everyone’s attention.

"She just wanted to do something, and it was excessive reaction.

Oh my god, she just wants to feel the lives of professional mothers who take their children to support their families! "

"Everything is about her, she always wants to attract all her attention … It’s really a woman with a lot of play."

However, some people choose to stand on the side of Meghan this time,

Not only because she is a princess, but also because she is a 37 -year -old expectant mother.

It is normal for pregnant women at this stage to be tired. You don’t have to blame a expectant mother so harsh.

"This rest is wise. Although she has tried her best to cover up, you can still see the fatigue from her face in the photo.

At this time, there is nothing more important than a baby, I hope she is good."

"So, don’t Kate also not attended the event because of pregnancy for almost four months?

Meghan was just doing what she should do, with her own rhythm.What she is doing now is also amazing."

"It’s really difficult to think about taking a plane while taking a plane while pregnancy.

She wants to rest is really wrong."

"Of course, pregnancy and illness are different.

But raising a small life in my body is really tired. I often fall asleep at 8 o’clock, which is the kind of fatigue that penetrates deep bone marrow.

Babies have to draw their nutrients from your body, leaving only the remaining parts of them.

So I think that Meghan may also experience the situation that various professional mothers have experienced:

Every day is working normally, just like there is nothing to work.

But after returning home, I didn’t want to do anything. I just thought of the bed, I could fall asleep without the pillow.

Women are really amazing."

When everyone’s discussion was not completely ended, Meghan returned to the media vision again.

After walking a rugged route alone in Harry, after visiting the depths of Fraser Island Forest:

Meghan came to Prince Harry in the car, and the two met and opened the busy visit schedule again this week.

From the photos, the spirit of Meghan after taking a break one morning is not bad.

Next, Meghan and Harry have more than a week. I don’t know if she will continue to rest from time to time.

Anyway, what she does or even does nothing, she will be stared closely by the media and the public, and there will be various accusations without paying attention.

I thought Kate came here step by step:

For example, every day after giving birth to a baby, you will appear, in addition to being emotional that she is extraordinary physical fitness, excessive physical fitness,

Some people say that she has made bad examples for others:

Make the public think that pregnant women can be perfect, ignoring the fatigue of fertility;

But if you are like a normal pregnant woman, you cannot attend the event because of pregnancy and physical discomfort.

It will be blame by everyone, and believes that "enjoying the royal welfare while not fulfilling the responsibility."

Maybe the controversy about Meghan will not be less than that of Kate.

She can only learn to get used to it slowly in the end …

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