After 60 -year -old mother lost her daughter, she was born with twins. Now she is 8 years old when she is 8 years old. She never regrets it.

Eight years ago, Sheng Hailin, 60, 60 -year -old mother, in Hefei, Anhui, had a pair of twins in order to alleviate the pain of her daughter, and became the oldest mother in China at that time.Today, 8 years have passed, this 68 -year -old mother still has a future life for the children. "To save enough money for the children, at least they have nothing to worry about before adulthood."Essence

At 6 o’clock in the morning, Sheng Hailin got up early, and a pair of daughters wisdom and wisdom depended on the bed.This day, Hai Lin was particularly busy. After sending children to school in the morning, she had to rush to the high -speed rail station, set off at 10 o’clock in Beijing, and flew from Beijing to Australia in the afternoon.In the past few years, Sheng Hailin spent most of the year.The picture shows Sheng Hailin combing her daughter’s hair.

Originally, the two children should be delivered to school on Sunday evening. Because listening to my mother going abroad, Wisdom and Wisdom wanted to stick to my mother for one night.At night, Wisdom and Wisdom kept growing in the baby. She had to sleep with her mother. She was distressed by her daughter and finally agreed.The picture shows 6:50 in the morning, Sheng Hailin took two daughters out.

This weekend, Sheng Hailin did not go out and accompanied her children at home.May 25th is the birthday of Wisdom and Wisdom, because she was abroad, so she bought cakes on the weekend and had a cake for her child to celebrate her birthday in advance.The picture shows that on May 12, 2018, Wisdom and Wisdom played at home, and her mother did not return to the country.

Every year, giving her daughter’s birthday is a must -do. She is getting older and older, and she can be with her daughter less and less time. Each time she is with the children, Sheng Hailin cherishes.The picture shows May 28, 2017, Sheng Hailin gave his birthday to his wisdom and intelligence.

Zhizhi Zhihui is 8 years old, becoming more and more sensible, and now she is boarding at school, picking up on Friday, and sending it on Sunday. This allows Sheng Hailin to have more time to make money.However, every weekend Sheng Hailin still does everything possible to accompany the child at home.Although she was tired, she was still very happy to watch her grow up, and the adventure of that year was worth it.The picture shows that on May 21, 2018, Zhizhi Huihui was in school. The cultural lessons of Zhizhi among the two are better than Huihui, but Huihui is better at dance and piano.

Sheng Hailin originally had a cute daughter.In the Spring Festival of 2009, Sheng Hailin and her husband suddenly received bad news. The daughter -in -law died in Chizhou both gas poisoning.When the old couple rushed to the hospital to see the daughter’s son -in -law’s body, they couldn’t restrain the sadness and cried.The picture shows the wedding photo of Sheng Haile’s big girl.

The daughter is the mother’s heart.In 1980, the only daughter Tingting was born, and the couple loved her daughter. Everything could make her daughter grow up happily.When her daughter was 7 years old, Sheng Hailei bought her a piano with 5,000 yuan for many years, and at the time, she was astronomical.The picture shows Sheng Hailin, who was about to be delivered on May 25, 2010. At this time, she was 60 years old.

After Tingting went to elementary school, her husband worked in a foreign country, and she was dependent on her daughter. The mother and daughter had a deep relationship.In 2005, after Sheng Hailin retired, all the significance of life was pinned on her daughter.In September 2008, after her daughter got married, Sheng Hailin thought she could enjoy her old age.I did not expect that on the fifth day of the first month of 2009, the daughter followed her husband to return to his hometown in Chizhou. The two took a shower and returned to the room to rest. The next morning, the young couple did not wake up because of gas poisoning.The picture shows on May 25, 2010, after the birth of Wisdom and Wisdom, Sheng Hailin’s husband held his child.

Suddenly lost her daughter, Sheng Hailin was extremely heartache, and she lost her courage to survive.In order to comfort her, some relatives and friends suggested that she regenerate one. If she couldn’t do it, she had an IVF surgery, which gave Sheng Hailin the idea of trying.The picture shows January 30, 2011, Sheng Hailin brought wisdom and wisdom with more than one year old.

In March 2009, Sheng Hailin asked experts to explore the feasibility of test tube baby.Experts believe that Sheng Hemilin is too old and has no precedent in China, advising her not to take risks.In July 2009, Sheng Hailin found a doctor of the reproductive center of Hefei Hospital.They were touched by Sheng Hailin and agreed to perform IVF surgery for Sheng Hailin.The picture shows September 7, 2013, 3 -year -old wisdom and wisdom playing at home.

After that, Sheng Hailin took medicine and injections according to the doctor’s requirements. After 3 months of medication, Sheng Hailin’s body function recovered very well. On the morning of October 13, 2009, Sheng Hailin had an IVF surgery and 3 of them.The successful embryo was transplanted into the body of the Hailei.The picture shows the sound of music on September 7, 2013, and wisdom and wisdom are dancing happily.

At 9:05 on May 25, 2010, a pair of twin daughters wisdom and wisdom came to the world in advance. Sheng Hemilin also broke the limit of fertility and became the oldest mother in China at that time.The picture shows September 8, 2013, wisdom and wisdom arrived at the airport to meet the mother who came back from the outside.

The arrival of wisdom and wisdom completely broke the rhythm of the entire family’s life, and Hai Lin seemed to return to 30 years ago.However, his age was less than 30 years ago.In order to take care of the children, at most, Sheng Hailin’s family invited two nanny, one managed to manage children, and one managed life.The picture shows February 18, 2017, wisdom and wisdom and mother.

The biggest problem with the two children is the expense. She knows that she is old. She and her husband may be gone. Therefore, in addition to controlling the child, she considers the most.Living costs for children to save enough money.From 100 days of children, Sheng Hailin began to make money everywhere.In the past 8 years, Sheng Hailin has traveled to major cities across the country as a lecture, with more than 200 days a year.The picture shows Wisdom and Wisdom playing at home on May 12, 2018.

However, life is always full of various accidents.In 2015, her husband suddenly stroke, and all the burdens were pressed on Sheng Hailin alone, but she had no other choice.Sheng Hailin said that during that time was the most difficult stage since the child, especially during the Spring Festival, in order to let the nanny go home to reunite, she spent in sweat and tears in those days.The picture shows Huihui on May 12, 2018, and Hui Hui was talking to her mother, and her mother said that she could only come back.

As the child grows up and the child is going to the school school, Sheng Hailin feels a little easier, but she is still busy for her. She said that she can do more money for the child.The biggest hope is that you can live for a few more years and watch your child grow up healthy.The picture shows on May 12, 2018, Zhi Zhihui played with toys on his own bed, and all the toys in the family were paired.Wu Fang/Photography’s original work, without authorization, is strictly prohibited to reprint in any form, infringement must be investigated!

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