After 3 months of pregnancy, the pregnant woman found asthma, because there is something like this

Wen 丨 Tao Ma

Xiao Huang has graduated for two years. Because she is more fashionable and likes luxury goods such as famous bags and watches, she went to a high -end mall to sell brand bags after graduation.Because they are contacted by rich people every day, the mall requires that each salesperson will be more obvious. Most female salespersons here spray perfume every day, of course, Xiaohuang is no exception.After two years in this position, Xiaohuang will be raised immediately due to outstanding performance, so she work harder.

But just 3 months ago, Xiao Huang found that he was pregnant.This made Xiao Huang very distressed, and it was about to be promoted, but she was pregnant.Her husband advised her to quit her work. After all, the child is more important, and she will be more hard to stand for so long every day.But Xiao Huang loved this job very much, saying that she wanted to persist in this quarter, and then the leader greeted him, letting her rest moderately, her husband agreed.In this way, Xiaohuang did another 3 months, and soon went to handle the transfer procedures.

However, Xiao Huang found that she often sneezed her chest tightness and asthma more than a month ago. My colleagues said that they might be pregnant, so Xiao Huang did not take care of it.Slowly, she felt that this symptom was getting more and more frequent, and sometimes she had difficulty breathing, so her husband took her to the hospital for examination.As soon as I saw the doctor, the doctor asked her if she sprayed perfume. Xiao Huang said no, because she did not need perfumes because she was pregnant. It may be that her colleagues were sprayed on her.Then the doctor gave her a detailed examination and finally diagnosed her with asthma.Xiao Huang Baili was puzzled, how could she have asthma?After talking with her, the doctor excluded a variety of factors, and finally lock the reason for the long -term activity of Xiaolong in an environment with perfume.

But Xiao Huang said that she was useless for a long time. How could this be?The doctor explained: The main component of perfume is a variety of chemicals and contains musk. For pregnant women, the use of perfume can cause abortion. Fortunately, Xiao Huang escaped this robbery.As for why you do n’t need to have asthma, the doctor said that even if you smell the smell of perfume on others, this kind of perfume flavor on others is called “second -hand fragrance”, and it is even greater than “second -hand smoke”.The hormone level in the body changes after the pregnant woman smells, and it will endanger life in severe cases.Xiao Huang regret that she did not resign early and separated from such an environment, but fortunately, there is no problem at present, and her asthma is also being treated.

Tao Ma said: Women after pregnancy should be extra careful, do not touch perfume and other aromatherapy, these things will have an unexpected impact on pregnant women and fetuses.In addition, do not use cosmetics such as nail oil and lipstick after pregnancy. The expectant mothers become beautiful before. It is important that children will not bear terrible consequences because of our irresponsibility.I hope that all expectant mothers can live happily during pregnancy and make healthy and smart babies smoothly.

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