Advice: Originally, these 13 things, dogs "dreaming" all want the owner to know!

Advice: Originally, these 13 things, dogs "dreaming" all want the owner to know!Do you know that you have been raised for many years?

1. Fortunately, you can be selected by you among a group of puppies. It is really honored. After the rest of my life, I will accompany you well.

2. I have a lot of heart, I have a lot of heart, my physique is weak, it is easy to get sick, I am worried that I can’t eat well, but you have never given up on me. Thank you very much.

3. Can you not scare me with bad taste, you are happy, I can be pounding in my heart, I can’t wait to fly to the ceiling.

4. You always say that I am stupid during training. Actually, your method is also a problem. You will have this password for a while, or that password for a while, either a long string of text. I really can’t understand it.Hand hands, I can still understand.

5. Since I have me, you have less entertainment time. I am afraid that I am boring at home. I am afraid that no one will take care of it. I have n’t been traveling for a long time. I feel a little sorry for you.

6. When you are unhappy, you can tell me that although I ca n’t understand it, I will accompany you and support you. You are really distressed when you are sad there.

7. In fact, I am actually confessed to you, do you understand?For example, lick you, stab you, and pull you, because I really love you, and want to stay with you for a lifetime.

8. When you are playing with other dogs, I am actually a bit jealous. I am worried that you will like other puppies and don’t like me anymore. I might have an excessive behavior. I hope you understand it.

9. Sometimes you have fun with me, I will be excited, I am really embarrassed to you, I hope you don’t blame me, I really don’t intentionally.

10. When interacting, can you give me some snacks appropriately?I think there are other puppies, and I want to have it too. The snack is really too fragrant!

11. Sometimes I can’t bear you to go out, and I will pull you, because the dog is really boring at home for a day!

12. Don’t give me leftovers. Although I like it, this will reduce my life, and I can’t accompany you for too long.

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13. I can accompany you for more than ten years, I am very satisfied. In the days when I am absent, you have to cherish yourself more. We will see you again in the next life!

Conclusion: Do you want to tell your dog?

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