Adhere to the basal body temperature to help pregnancy?is this real?

In gynecological clinics, many doctors will let patients test their body temperature at home. So, what is the significance of testing the basal body temperature?Basic body temperature means that at the same time in the morning, it is not drinking water, unhappy, and lying quietly on the bed, testing its own oral temperature, and then continuously monitored or even longer in January, record each point, connected to the curve.

Clinically, measurement of basic body temperature is a very meaningful thing.First of all, measurement of basic body temperature is very guiding for pregnancy preparation and contraception.After ovulation, the level of estrogen will increase, which will cause the body temperature to increase the physiological increase. This increase in body temperature will continue until the next menstrual period.The increase in body temperature fluctuates between 0.3 ° C-0.5 ° C.Therefore, it is a dangerous period within 3 days before and after the rise of base temperature.After 4 days of body temperature rising until the next menstrual tide is called a safe period.Monitoring base temperature is also used to help diagnosis of pregnancy.After pregnancy, the luteal secretes estrogen hormone, and the base temperature is in a high state. When this state continues to reach more than 3 weeks, it is prompted to pregnancy.

Basic body temperature monitoring is also meaningful to assist in diagnosis of menstrual disorders.When the body temperature is a single -phase curve, it can be basically judged as not ovulation.As for ovulation menstrual disorders, we often evaluate luteal function based on the body temperature rising, decreased time and body temperature.Within the luteal period within the 11th, it often means premature luteal atrophy.The increase in body temperature is too low, and it is likely to be a luteal function.

There is also a phenomenon that the two -phase temperature, but the body temperature is recovered to the state of the state before rising, which is likely to be prolonged by the luteal atrophy.We can also diagnose amenorrhea through body temperature monitoring.The basal body temperature shows a two -phase state, indicating that the cause of the amenorrhea is that the uterus has a lesion.If the basal body temperature is a single -phase curve, it means that the lesions that cause amenorrhea should be the problem of other organs except the exogenous uterus, such as pituitary, ovarian or hypothalamus.

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(Author: Zhang Junhui Master of Medicine)

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