Actor Wang Dongjia violent video exposure!The neck of the wife’s wife was still derailed when the woman was pregnant

There is a lot of melon every year, and this year is particularly many.

There are many people in the entertainment industry. A few days ago, the "triangle abuse" between Zhang Tianai and Xu Kaiyu and Gulinaza was full of noise. I haven’t waited for the people to eat melon.Exposure.

The person who exposed Wang Dong’s violent video this time was his third wife.

In the video, Wang Dong’s wife hid in bed, covering the quilt, and dared not show up at all.Wang Dong walked around in the room. Not only did he scold his mouth, he raised the crib to hit the ground, and his mood was very excited.

Subsequently, Wang Dong found that his wife was recording a video with a mobile phone, and he captured the phone over and destroyed the video.Fortunately, his wife was not stupid, and the mobile phone was placed in a hidden place to record the appearance of Wang Dongjia.

Later, Wang Dong, who was emotional, also used his hands to hold his pregnant wife’s neck, which caused the other party to be unable to speak. He kept questioning the other party, "Do you want to die together?"

At the end of the video, his wife showed the beaten head and other injured parts. It looked very miserable and angry.

When it comes to Wang Dong, most viewers may not be familiar with because his fame is not great.But when it comes to some of the roles he played, everyone will be able to realize it.

For example, Liu Qing in "Everything Good" is Su Mingyu’s good buddies in the play; He Hongwei in "Perfect Relationship"; Lin Yuandao in "Yulouchun"; the heavenly master in "Knowing with the Jun";Wait, they are very recognizable.

Born in 1978, he debuted in 2001. At first, he was a print model in Hong Kong. In 2006, he signed a contract to Hong Kong Elite Model Company and began to contact the performing arts circle.

For many years, Wang Dong has been playing soy sauce in some film and television dramas, but he has never encountered a good role and has been tepid.

Until 2015, he played a dedicated and affectionate "Shen Dongjun" in "Carat Lovers" starring Dili Reba, and slowly attracted the attention of the public.

Later, Wang Dong also participated in "Military Division", "Tiger Xiao Dragon Yin", "All Good", "Zheng Youth", "The Night 2", "Storm Eye", "You Are My Glory", etc.The play finally mixed his face.

Especially in the "Knowing with the Jun" in early 2022, Wang Dong played by Wang Dong was very popular, and he became angry.

Because of her handsome and sweet mouth, since Wang Dong’s debut, his girlfriend has been constantly changing, and his wife has changed three appointments.

Wang Dong’s first wife was an amateur. At that time, Wang Dong was unknown, so he didn’t have much information left by his wife.

It can be known that the two have a child after many years, but unfortunately, the child was slightly disabled after being born, and the two subsequently ended with divorce.

Wang Dong’s second wife was Wang Xiaoxi. The two met when they filmed "Love@王" as early as 2012, and then fell together.

Wang Xiaoxi is a national second -level dancer. He can be called white and beautiful long legs. Later, he was also admitted to the Central Academy of Drama.

After entering the performing arts circle in 2007, Wang Xiaoxi participated in dramas such as "The Ultimate Spy", "Love@200", "Love You Not Waiting for Life", "Love Express" and other dramas.

In 2016, Wang Xiaoxi’s father was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia. She gave up her acting career because she wanted to accompany her father and turned her head to become a broker.

In 2017, Wang Xiaoxi first served as the director of the "Fuji Culture", and then set up "Du Song Films", and his career was very successful.

Such a strong woman is generally capable and rational, so Wang Xiaoxi understands whether he is in love with Wang Dong, during his marriage, or divorce.

Even after divorcing Wang Dong, she still put down her grievances, served as Wang Dong’s agent, and gave him a plan for his career, and was extremely dedicated.

When Wang Dong married his third wife in 2021, Wang Xiaoxi was also busy, as if he was an outsider, and he was very interested in Wang Dong.

But no one expected that the feelings of Wang Dong and the third wedding wife came fast and fast.In just one year, he had lost contact, and the relationship between the husband and wife seemed to break.

In January 2022, Wang Dong’s third wife also showed love online, but in April, she began to "openly find a husband" and looked very sad.

During this period, Wang Dong’s third wife has been replying to netizens in the comment area. When you sum up, you will find that:

1. After Wang Dong gave birth to a child, he had lost contact several times. His wife had been looking for a husband several times, and Wang Dong still ignored it.

2. When his wife was looking for him, Wang Dong had begun to consult with his ex -wife Wang Xiaoxi. It seemed that he was ready to divorce.

3. When Wang Dong was 7 months of pregnancy, Wang Dong not only had a blatant derailment, but also had an appointment with strange women, and his character was worrying.

4. During the marriage, Wang Dong had many domestic violence wives. When he was violent, he smashed the cribs, went to the kitchen to get a kitchen knife, pinched his wife’s neck, and scolded.

After reading the news of Wang Dong’s wife’s wife, netizens were all angry and ran to Wang Dong’s Weibo to scold, and he responded quickly.

Unfortunately, Wang Dong’s apology is too perfunctory.

Wang Dong said on Weibo that he apologized for his excessive tranquility, but I finally liberated and would never be tortured and threatened.These are not the whole picture and truth of the matter, and they will entrust lawyers to handle later.

Cangtian, no matter what big problems, as a five -three -rough man, shouldn’t you add your wife?

Moreover, in the video, Wang Dong’s mouth has been saying "I want to kill you" and the like. It looks full of hatred and no mercy in her hand.

Netizens can’t look at it. Some people commented, "Do you have to fight your wife to death?" Some people said, "Now pretending to be innocent, you are weak!"

Some netizens said unceremoniously: "You are beaten by your wife during pregnancy, you are derailed during pregnancy, the child is born and disappeared. I can’t see how your wife controls you."

Indeed, although he could not fully listen to the words of Wang Dong’s wife, he had "beaten video" in hand. The evidence was very clear. Even if Wang Dong said that it was broken, it was not the reason for him to fight.

Moreover, after Wang Dong’s pair of people, he also pretended to be innocently pretending to be poor. It was really annoying. Is it so arrogant now?

His family has violently his wife, and he looks like a victim. He is also glad that he will be relieved. What is the logic?

There was also Xu Kaiyu before. It was obviously that he was chaotic and cheating after drinking, but in the recording with Zhang Tianai, the fragile appearance of the victim seemed to be "forced to make mistakes."

Even many official media reposted Wang Dong’s apology long text saying: No matter what happened between family members, domestic violence is definitely illegal. It is hoped that the victims can use legal weapons to protect themselves in orderDue to the punishment.

——End —————

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