Acne during pregnancy, these acne removal ointment can be used

I believe that many pregnant mothers also face such problems,

The smooth face before, now it feels unsightly, and people seem to be unsightly.

However, if you want to deal with acne and be a beautiful self, you will inevitably use some medicines or skin care products. The pregnant mothers will naturally start worrying whether the baby in the stomach will be affected.

So, what can be used during pregnancy?In addition, what other methods can treat acne?

Causes of acne during pregnancy

The generation of acne during pregnancy (especially the first three months of pregnancy) is mostly caused by gradually increasing hormones in the body.

During pregnancy, the placental velvet secretes a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, as well as somerogens, which can promote the growth of body hair and make the pores thick.

Under these hormones, your skin will secrete more oils.If you are originally oily skin, the increase of these oil secretion is undoubtedly worse for you, making your face extremely exciting.

The amount of sebum secretion is positively related to acne.Excessive sebum secretion and excessive keratinization of the mouth of the hair follicles are the cause and effect -the more oil is secreted, the easier it is to be blocked, and the easier the acne is.A fertile soil that can grow and reproduce is provided. Acne bacteria bleed here, which eventually leads to inflammatory pimples on the face, which is what we call acne.

In addition, with the ups and downs of emotion (anxiety, nervousness) and the instability of sleep quality (difficult to sleep), acne is easier to meet you.

There are also some expectant mothers’ acne due to imbalance in hormone secretion in the body.

Solve acne during pregnancy: These ointments can be used

Is there any way to take care of your beauty and ensure the safety of the baby in the stomach?

1. Ordinary acne, you can use erythromycin ointment and clinithromycin phosphoricate gel

These two ointments can be used safely during pregnancy.Apply the ointment to the red envelope by applying a point, apply it 1 or 2 times a day, and the acne will soon disappear.

Without tangling, after washing your face, it is okay to apply water or apply ointment first.If you are worried that the ointment will not effectively act on acne, you can apply the ointment before using moisturizing products.

2. If it is a larger white pustules or a hard and painful red bump, you can use the doctor’s advice to use Fuxidi acid cream or Mapiro star ointment

These drugs can help kill more bacteria on the surface of the skin, such as Golden Plasma, to promote infection recovery.

It is worth noting that many topical medicines have not been thoroughly studied during pregnancy, so no matter what product you need to use in pregnancy, you must first consult the doctor to first.Essence

Eating this during pregnancy can reduce acne

Eat less high sugar food.

There are a lot of sugar in desserts, candy, sugar milk tea and drinks. These sugar points will not only increase the risk of gestational diabetes, but also increase the severity of acne during pregnancy.

Drink less caffeine drinks and strong tea.

Strong tea will further promote facial oil secretion through nerve regulation.Caffeine drinks can also stimulate facial acne, but its degree is much better than strong tea.But note that strong tea is not ordinary tea, daily light tea is a healthy drink.

Drink less abandoned milk.

Scientists conducted an interesting experiment and found that drinking milk (especially dehydrated milk) increased the risk of acne.

The method of non -drug treatment of acne during pregnancy

Acne during pregnancy is a kind of acne unique to pregnancy. Generally, it will automatically recover with the end of pregnancy.

Therefore, the safest and most effective method of acne during pregnancy is actually skin care at the skin care level.

Here we can recommend some effective methods of pregnancy during pregnancy to help everyone reduce acne.

Wash your face twice a day.After a large amount of sweating or the cold mushrooms with too much skin oil, you can wash your face with water again (without facial cleanser).

Use mild, alcohol -free, oil -free, non -irritating facial cleanser, please use water -based moisturizing products after cleansing.

Learn as much as possible.It is not what the makeup will affect the fetus, but in the process of removing heavy makeup, it is easy to cause excessive cleaning or insufficient condition, stimulating more fat secretion of cortex gland, and aggravating acne.

Be sure to apply sunscreen!Ultraviolet rays will increase acne, and it will also lead to deepening the color spots such as chloasma during pregnancy; and, be sure to choose pure physical sunscreen!

Children’s shoes with oily skin/scalp can use the frequency of washing hair once a day, and try to avoid using module and gums such as mosice and gum near the hairline.

Change the pillow cover and quilt.

Do not touch your face with your hands, nor squeeze acne with your hands. It is easy to cause infection and aggravate the degree of acne.

Use headphones to reduce the chance of contacting the face of the mobile phone screen.

The combination of labor and rest, adjust the mood, and reduce psychological pressure.

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