About pregnancy cannot be raised, rumor


I received a private message from a sister before, saying that she was pregnant. The family did not give her a cat. She asked her to send the cat away. For this matter, the family relationship was very stiff. I do n’t know what to do?

Friends who are concerned about me for a long time should know that I am a cat -dog shit officer, and I am also a novice mother who just got on her job. I feel that I can really talk to everyone.

Can I raise a cat for pregnancy?

Most of the cats who oppose pregnant women feel that cats will carry parasites.

In particular, bow -shaped worms can cause abortion, premature birth and fetal malformations of pregnant women, so everyone talks about insect color changes.

Then let’s talk about the infection process of Toxoplasma.

When a cat eats mice or pork infected with a bowworm, the toxoplasma breed in the cat’s body, and the cat pulls out the cotton with a bow -shaped egg.

Baba did not deal with it in time. After staying for several days, the insect eggs hatched, and people ate feces or stained her hands into their mouths, so they were infected with toxoplasma.

And a cat’s life will only be discharged from the bow of hormones for the first time, and only this kind of ramy will be excreted once in a lifetime.

The bow-shaped eggs in the puppets are infectious after 3-5 days, and fresh babies will not be contagious.

In addition, the toxoplasma worms do not only have cats. It may be the source of infection of Toxoplasma in the infection of the raw meat and contaminated vegetables that are not treated correctly.

After understanding this infection process, we know how to avoid it.

How to avoid toxoplasma infection

■ Before pregnancy and three months of pregnancy, go to the hospital for a serum examination of toxoplasma infection.

■ Cat’s vaccine is completely thorough, and regularly deworming is done.

■ Let the family help the cat litter and clean the cat toilet.Treatment of cat litter should be timely, do not overnight.

Cat sands are recommended to change it once a week, and the cat toilet should be cleaned regularly.

■ Do not loose cats to avoid unnecessary contact.

■ Try not to feed raw meat for cats, especially raw pork, do not feed.

■ Prepare pregnancy or expectant mothers for the time being too close to the cat, control yourself, and do not go to kiss cats.

This is better for you and cats to worry about you.

■ It has nothing to do with the bow -shaped worm, but I still want to tell the sisters more that cats are more lively and moving.

In order to prevent cats from accidentally stepping on the belly, it is best not to sleep with cats during pregnancy.

Last words

When I was pregnant, my cat and dog relieved a lot of anxiety for me, making me very pleasant during pregnancy.

After the baby was born, he got along well with the hairy children at home, and it may be because there were many brothers and sisters in the family. Xiao Ou was a very cheerful and lively baby. She was happy every day!

And oh, Xiao Ou had begun to tease the cat’s stick for 4 months. The relationship with his five brothers and six or six is the best. It feels that there are people who feel the heavy responsibility of shovel officers.

For so many years, cats have been plowing a bow -shaped worm, and even many cats have been abandoned and wandered around.

Therefore, I hope that everyone can fully understand the bowworms, treat it rationally, do not have to talk about insect color changes, let alone discard cats at will!

After all, in the life of cats in just ten years, we are all of them, and we must be responsible for the end!

Finally, I want to say a word to the sisters who prepare for pregnancy and expectant mothers, and wish you a good pregnancy!

Happy life

But one cat, one dog, one tea, one meal

Every family has love in my heart

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