Abdominal pain during pregnancy should be vigilant, symptoms and emergency methods of abdominal pain in each stage

One month of pregnancy abdominal pain: threatened abortion

Abdominal pain is mainly lower abdomen and pain.It feels faint and painful, accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage.When I went to the hospital, the doctor said it was a threatened abortion.

Solution: Take fetal medicine and rest in bed for a month.

Early pregnancy 5 weeks of abdominal pain: Low progesterone

It is mainly the lower abdomen, with intermittent pain, which lasted for a total of one and a half months.Faint pain, like the feeling of holiday, the chest hurts, and then there is no appetite and lethargic.If you go to check, the doctor said to the blood check that the progesterone is low, so that the fetal medicine and progesterone, and go home to rest and rest.

Solution: I did n’t take medicine, went home to rest and rest, and then gradually normal.

3 months of pregnancy, abdominal pain: uterine enlarged

The abdominal pain is on both sides of the lower abdomen. It is often only painful. The pain on both sides is not frequent. Sometimes it hurts for a long time, and sometimes it hurts a few times. The short time interval is less than one minute.From time to time, the stomach is as painful as convulsive, and it feels a bit like a crack. The degree is not serious, accompanied by the symptoms of dizziness.I went to the hospital for a color Doppler ultrasound, and the doctor said it was because of the increase in uterine.

Solution: When you sleep, you sleep like left, and put a pillow under your feet, so you sleep more comfortably.

Abdominal pain in the middle of four months of pregnancy: the pubic bone combination

It is mainly the lower abdomen, the middle part of the legs, from four months of pregnancy to 10 months after giving birth.It hurts, and every step is like the body is split.It is difficult to fall asleep and cannot turn over.I went to the hospital for examination at four months. The doctor said that there was no rule of law.walk.

Solution: Beauty during pregnancy. After the child was born, weaning was weaned.

31 weeks of pregnancy in the third trimester of pregnancy: signs of premature birthday

The lower back pain lasts for more than an hour.Abdominal pain or abdominal colic like menstruation, accompanied by a little vaginal bleeding.Going to the hospital is a sign of premature birth.

Solution: Under the guidance of a doctor, take some medicine and rest in bed until the baby is on the market.

Abdominal pain in 32 weeks of pregnancy: fetus enters the basin

Pain in the abdomen lasts for about half a month.It feels like a tingling sensation, which is a bit like a needle -shaped feeling. There is no other discomfort.

Solution: Pay attention to rest.After returning home, take more rest by the doctor. Don’t be too tired. Take a while to rest and slowly relieve a lot.

Disadvantage of abdomen in 8 months of pregnancy: caused by tiredness

It is mainly the lower abdomen, duration for two days.Pain, feel like falling.When I went to the hospital, the doctor said that the walking time was too long and the fatigue was caused.

Solution: Stay for two days.

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, abdominal pain: Symptoms of contractions

Pain in the lower abdomen lasted for about 12 hours.It hurts for a long time at first. Later, it was painful because of the acceleration of the contraction, and the symptoms were many urine.Go to the hospital and give birth.

Solution: After the baby is born, it is solved naturally.

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