Abdominal pain during pregnancy is very common. Normal abdominal pain and abnormal abnormal abdominal pain are large. Pregnant mothers should be careful about clearing

There are often pregnant mothers mentioning the problem of abdominal pain

"I hurt my stomach for a month? What is going on?"

"I’m 7 months pregnant, and my stomach suddenly hurts. Is it a baby’s stomach pain?"

"Sudden abdominal pain in 2 months of pregnancy, what’s going on?"

"I have been pregnant for 3 months, what should I do if I have abdominal pain?"

"The stomach is tight for a while, is it almost born?"

Abdominal pain occurs almost every period. Whether it is early pregnancy, second trimester, or late pregnancy, there are different degrees of abdominal pain.

When I was pregnant with Erbao, I also had abdominal pain. The most powerful thing was the early pregnancy, as if the aunt came.By the third trimester, when Erbao’s fetal movement is severe, there will be abdominal pain.When Huai Dabao, the most uncomfortable abdominal pain was actually eating pepper powder.

In short, there are too many causes of abdominal pain. There are normal physiological reactions, and there are abnormal symptoms of diseases. As a pregnant mother, you must pay attention to it. Be careful to distinguish different abdominal pain, which is very important.

1. Early pregnancy

Due to the increase in the uterus, the round ligament is pulled, which can cause stomach pain, faint tingling, and pain like menstrual tide. These pains can be tolerated.It is also different from person to person, and it feels obvious to sensitive pain.

I am very sensitive to the pain. When I was pregnant for a month, I felt a faint pain in my stomach. According to the usual practice, I drank some brown sugar water and felt relieved.But don’t drink more brown sugar water, it is easy to get angry, and it may cause bleeding. Everyone should pay attention to it.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

The fetus in the middle of pregnancy is active. If in a certain position, it happens that the pain and nerves of the pregnant mother will be painful, but the pregnant mother will feel pain, but this is obviously distinguished. The pain after the fetal movement is normal.

My second treasure is an active member. It moves and has a large range. It extends from the left to the right. The whole body rolls in the stomach, and the belly is undulating.Essence

3. The early pregnancy

In the third trimester, contractions often occur. When a posture is long for a long time, the belly will become tight and tight, accompanied by slight abdominal pain, and the frequency is not very large.EssenceIt may also be once an hour, or once every ten hours, there is no law at all.

When it is about to give birth, there will be real contractions. At this time, the frequency, strength, and duration of pain will be enhanced. When it hurts every 3-5 minutes, it hurts for more than ten seconds. Sometimes it is unbearable. This is unbearable.It should be given birth to the hospital.When I gave birth to Erbao, I finally had a distress and restlessness. Fortunately, I went to give birth the next day.

1. Early pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, premature placental peeling, or margin abortion may occur early. At this time, abdominal pain is generally more severe, and it is accompanied by blood flow, which is also easy to distinguish.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

Some pregnant women will have the problem of uterine fibroma and urinary tract infections.The uterine fibroma grows along the uterus. When it grows fast, it will cause abdominal pain. This needs to be judged by B -ultrasound.In addition to abdominal pain, urinary tract infection also has the feeling of urinary heat, urgency, and pain. The pain point is below the abdomen, and the top of the pubic bone can be judged by itself.

3. The early pregnancy

Prevent placental peeling in the third trimester. At this time, abdominal pain is like acupuncture, knife cutting, and faint pain, which is generally accompanied by bleeding symptoms.

If you don’t pay attention to your diet, you will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea at any time. Pay attention to your own diet and rest to avoid such accidents.

The above is my point of view. If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss.

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