Abdominal abnormalities during pregnancy

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Original: The woman stays with a disease, and she has not only leaked it after the break, and the fetal movement is on the umbilicus.In June of pregnancy, in the first three months, the water conservancy, also the fetus.Those who are bloody will also break March.Therefore, those who have less than blood, do not go to the reason, now, Qi Zhi, Guizhi Poria pills master it.

Interpretation: The woman has a disease, and the prerequisite for this article is the prerequisite for the prerequisite.What is the disease?"Heart Ceremony" said: "Well, the old blood accumulated, it is also the disease." We understand that it may be that the woman’s belly has a large or small block, and has abnormal vaginal hemorrhagic diseases.For example: uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, inflammatory blocks.Most of them are because of the internal resistance of congestion, or the qi and blood or qi and blood are combined with the phlegm.It can cause symptoms such as late menstrual period, extension of menstruation, dripping for a long time.It is necessary to use blood breaking and qi, and the method of reducing phlegm and eliminating.

Without the end of March, women who have a disease disease are prone to symptoms of irregularities or irregular vaginal blood.But this time there was almost three months, and there was no symptoms of irregular vaginal bleeding.

The leakage was not only, and the fetal movement was on the umbilicus, and suddenly she saw that there was no leakage, and the fetal movement was on the umbilicus. At this time, the woman with a disease -like disease was already pregnant."Harm for" "" Heart Ceremony "said:" The person who is harmed, the qi of the disease, and the fetal gas. "The woman is three months pregnant, the size of the uterus is far from the umbilicus, and there will be no fetal movement appear to appear.EssenceThis time is not just leaking. The fetal movement is on the umbilicus.It should be a manifestation of murmur.

In June of pregnancy, in the first three months, the water conservancy, also the fetus.Women usually have fetal movements in about five months.The June of pregnancy here is the fetal movement time observed by the ancients.Whether it is five months of fetal movement or six months of fetal movement, but there will never be fetal movement in three months.Therefore, it is speculated that the first three menstrual water conservancy, that is, when there is irregular vaginal bleeding, the fetus is already pregnant.That is, mirror disease is also combined with pregnancy.It will not be motionless, and no matter how big it is, it will not move.If it moves, it must be fetal movement.

Those who are bloody will also break March."Breaking" irregular vaginal bleeding has stopped, "not in March", less than three months, see vaginal blood.At this time, the lower blood was the wicked blood that had been stained with irregular bleeding in the past three months.Therefore, if there is more than the blood, it will not go.At present, Guizhi Poria Pills Lord.If you do n’t go, the blood will not be kept, and if the blood does not stay, the fetus will be uneasy.So we want to do it now.

Women have a disease, and they are not easy to get pregnant. Besides, she is in pregnancy. The condition is mostly urgent and cannot be delayed for too long.Under normal circumstances, hemostasis should be stopped.Pregnancy has both cymbals, and it is most likely to cause miscarriage or premature birth.Therefore, once you see red, it is not easy to be solid.With Guizhi Poria pills, the pills are gentle, can it be difficult to say whether it can meet both the need to transform and stop the hemostatic tires within a long time.And at this time, in June of pregnancy, the growth of the fetus and the development of the disease must be observed well, and the size is large.good.

"Hearts" in the past generations is better, and special records: "Well, the old blood accumulated, it is also the disease.The fetus is moving, not in March today, those who have not moved in the fetus are not moved, and they are particularly harmful. It is the common time of the movement of the motion in June and the changes of the motion in March.The menstruation is unfavorable, and the menstruation cannot be tire. In the first three months of the water, the water profit of the water, the net palace is clean and the fetus can be concluded.The reason for the harm. It is the normal of the blood who stayed in the fetus, and those who have not only changed the blood. If they do not go, the blood will not be kept, the blood will not keep, and the fetus will be uneasy, so it is said to be now.Guizhi Poria pills are very light and gentle. The medicine of Gai Fei Jun Ji will hurt his fetal gas. "

Guizhi Poria Pills

Guizhi Poria Peony (Dest the Heart) Peach Ren (Peeling Tip) Paeoniane is equal to each

On the last five flavors, at the end, the honey and pills, such as rabbit shit, take a pill before eating daily.I don’t know to add it to San Wan.

This strip uses Guizhi Poria Pills to lower its cricket. There are two main indications.The current blood is the blood stasis since March.Guizhi Poria Pills can eliminate its accumulation, pull the root of the disease, so that the lumps will gradually disappear, and the lower blood (leaks) can stop.In this case, if you only use the hemostasis and do not eliminate the method, not only can you not stop the blood, it is also likely to delay the condition and cause adverse consequences.

Guizhi Poria Pill has the effects of eliminating stasis and removing dampness, which can slow down the lumps. For internal and external gynecological diseases with congestion or cold and dampness, it can be treated.

The blood of Guizhi Tongli can eliminate the blocks of the pupa, and the water is transformed into water and swelling. Poria permeates the spleen and spleen.It has the effect of resolving the heat of congestion for a long time.Tao kernels can promote blood circulation and promote blood stasis, have strong blood circulation, and promote the growth of new blood.Paeifid can relieve meridians and help the circulation of fluids.Multi -cure diseases are mostly red, and red peony can clear the fire of the liver meridian.It can also promote blood circulation and relieve pain and relieve pain.Peach kernel, Danpi, and peony (red peony) three medicines can be used, which can not only cure the loss of yin -blood loss under the leakage, but also remove blood stasis without hurting new blood.Use honey balls to achieve the ability to gradually disappear.

Guizhi Poria Pill is a daily one -day pill.And pills are only rabbit shit.It should be taken to take a small amount and gradually disappear.

This article means that the disease is combined with pregnancy, with blood, and abdominal mass, which makes the abdomen exceed the size of the pregnancy month.Use Guizhi Poria Pill to slow down and stop blood.

As far as clinical is concerned, the increase in this month’s monthly increase will increase blood more than the fetal element. For pregnancy and fetal health, it should be checked in a timely manner before pregnancy.The situation occurs.

Attachment: 1. The disease is not eliminated to hurt the fetus.

"Jin Kui Fang Dian"

2. Kim Kui Guizhi Poria Pills, Paeonia Peach Ren and Danpi.

Wang Hongxuan

3. "Women’s Regulations": Blood stasis is stagnant, but women have it, and their evidence may be caused by menstrual period, or after birth, cold and cold, or wind and cold, or anger and liver.Blood stays, or You Si hurts the spleen, qi deficiency and blood stagnation, or the accumulation of labor and weakness, weak and weak.Success.

4. "Golden Entry" teaching reference book: Guizhi Poria Pills are used in gynecological diseases. The following pulse syndrome features: (1) Pain in the lower abdomen or abdominal pain, or abdominal pain, dark stasis, blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, piecesSubtitle reduction.(2) The menstrual flow is more or less, but the color is dull, and there is more than leakage.(3) The tongue is purple, or the stasis of the stasis is clamped by the tongue.(4) During gynecological examination, the lower abdomen can be touched or found, or the attachments can be thickened and tender.(5) B -ultrasound examination often indicates that there are ovarian cysts, or attachment inflammatory blocks, or uterine fibroids.

5. Wang Hongxuan: Guizhi Poria Pills can be used in clinical subjects. As long as it meets the blood stasis and phlegm blocking machine, it can be applied.

6. Selection of medical cases

(1) Mother with the surname of Genting Township, in May of the pregnancy, with a little abdomen, pain is as hard as stone, the master breaks the main security, and the group doctor chatter.Give the pulse?Two feet sinking, the inch is as usual, asking the stool to dry, every abdominal pain, the blood must be rash.It is intended to use Guizhi Poria Pill to increase yellow as pills. Before each meal, the Ningkun potion sold by Shanghai Shenchang Yangxing was swallowed one to two capsules. It was three days and the blood was big.Snap the Angelica peony and milk fragrance, no medicine, and a few doses.A daughter was born in April, and the mother and daughter were all without any.

(Selected from the "Gynecological Medicine Case" P98 "Three Three Medical Daily" Zhou Yuxi Zhengxuan Xuan Xuan Medical Case)

(2) In the year of the Republic of China, the first month of the ancient calendar, the sister Ji Huaqing, the home of the arts, Shanghai, the Japanese people entered Shanghai, and the second factories of the refuge.Bloody, self -described for ten months, only half of the abdomen, although it is not very painful. Recently, the abdomen has slightly painful pain. He had suffered from blood crickets ten years ago.After that, a man has been produced since then, seven years old this year.This condition, like the previous autumn and winter, was said to be bloody in Shanghai in the fall and winter of Shanghai. He took more than 20 stickers and used locusts.The meal is not very upward and bottom before October, but the night is lying in a hurry, and it is also anxious. The doctor said that it is bloody. I know that it is indeed a bloody magpie.Yu saw her appearance, her 30 -year -old woman was delicate as a virgin, and her pulse was fluent in both hands, but the pulse was very thin, and she was powerful but slippery for a long time.Yu Xiao said: I want to recognize Ru fetal.With a certificate, I can say it in detail.The pulse is fluent in the fetal pulse, and the at night is anxious, as well as fetal disease.The skin is moist, and the two are as usual. There is no pain in the abdomen. It is slightly moving, especially the fetus, not the evidence of disease.Annone with bloody 蛊 in October, he didn’t feel pain in his abdomen, and described him without embarrassment.As for in October, the abdomen is only half large, and the body of the disease is mostly ill.I think the four doctors in Shanghai, although they recognize the blood treatment, are probably afraid of using heavy medicine, or both attack and supplementation.If you cast a bloody door, not only will the fetus not be guaranteed, but you will be injured.You do n’t doubt it. It is not surprising that you do n’t know that you do n’t have the birth in October. It ’s not surprising. There are only three or four years of non -production.I opened a prescription for Ru to warm up qi and blood, and protect my fetus.

Mianzhuang one or two cinnamon hearts, eight points, one money, one money, one -dollar three money, three money supplement, two money, purple Danshen two money, two money, two money, Taiwanese ginseng four money, Fuzawa, two money, licorice two money plus cinnamon round.

This prescription is mainly to raise the fetus, and I am afraid that the blood -breaking agent has been repeatedly used in the past, and the stasis is not exhausted.Yu Gaofang instructed ten stickers. The patient only served five stickers. After two months, his abdomen gradually expanded, and he was lying in a hurry at night. Both feet were slightly swollen. He still thought he was bloody.Seek consultation.Yin said: The previous time was 次, this time it was the fetus, and quickly returned to the house to raise it.The woman went to Shanghai and later asked Hua Qingyun. My sister was pregnant for seventeen months and gave birth to a man.

Guo Ruoding’s "New Han Yaojue" resisted under the soup. Mr. Zhang Xichun, an Appendix, discussed leech, and tapeworms were all broken.The tapeworm is ineffective, and the leeches are effective. Fang Shu is mostly that the leeches must be thorough, otherwise the abdomen can produce countless leeches, which is allowed to hurt people, which is nonsense.Zeng Zhi has a small abdomen with a naphthain, and the sesame oil is scratched by the leeches.If you are used to take the lead, if you serve one or two, you can do it one or two, and you will have to have a man for more than a year.However, the leeches are not burned, it is difficult, or the paper bag is placed in the lime cricket to make dry.If the medicine of the commission is not fine, the fire will be baked.

Canglin was dyed in the "Materia Medica" and used the locust to place the lime cylinder with a locust and put it into the last.The turtle urine is applied slightly, and it is also rooted in the root.Thinking of Zhang or taking the law here, Zhang’s boldness, accumulating 40 years of experience, inventing a lot of Chinese medicine methods, all experiments, breaking non -bullying talks.

("Gynecological Medicine Case" P98 "Shenzhou National Medical Journal" Vol. 12 Issue 12)

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