A woman woke up naked and found that she was pregnant soon, and felt that she was not a boyfriend!

"Xiao Chen, this is Maotai wine. A small bottle costs tens of thousands. It is rare to have the opportunity to have the opportunity to dinner, and the project is successfully completed.

The manager of the surname of the surname is very famous in the company. He is a infamous salty pig hand. He usually likes to shake in the company when you are okay. Seeing that female colleagues always try to take advantage of it.

Xiao Chen Ping usually is a dumb type in the office and does not often deal with the manager.In addition to the basic work exchanges when going to work, Xiao Chen saw how far away the manager of the text was available, and the other female colleagues in the office were the same.

However, Xiao Chen, who has always been cautious, still failed to escape the magic of the manager.

Due to a big project that had been busy for a few months before, it was difficult to finish. Manager Wen suddenly issued a notice before get off work. In order to celebrate the smooth completion of the project, please eat a good one.

Manager Wen organized the company’s colleagues to eat this time. It was also spent. Please order a table of rich dishes in this largest hotel nearby.Not only that, two bottles of wine are also specially opened, and both bottles are Moutai and expensive.

At the party, some other male colleagues in the office basically drank two glasses of drinking.But female colleagues are relatively vigilant, and wine cannot ignore her safety.

Therefore, most female colleagues basically do not drink drinks. Manager Wen is very dissatisfied with this situation.

Manager Wen claims to let everyone eat and drink well, while saying hello to the waiter to get some wine glasses.After the wine glass was sent to the private room, Manager Wen even held a bottle of Maotai in one hand and watched the glass toast to the female colleagues.

Most female colleagues do not dare to refuse directly. After all, manager Wen is still their top boss. If the boss is toasting, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be wearing small shoes in the company.

Given that the reputation of Manager Wen in the company itself is not good, everyone knows that Manager Wen is basically no good thoughts.The female colleagues on the wine table basically pushed, and they couldn’t push them with a symbolic two.

After the manager Wen respected a circle, it was Xiao Chen’s turn. Originally, Xiao Chen also wanted to refuse, but before he refused, manager Wen began to feel for Xiao Chen Xiao.Two cups.Xiao Chen was forced to irrigate several glasses of wine in the case where he refused.

Xiao Chen’s alcohol was not high. Three glasses of wine, people have begun to be confused.After the dinner, colleagues have dispersed home, and some other female colleagues who did not drink much alcohol also returned slowly.

One of the female colleagues Xiao Liu, who had a better relationship with Xiao Chen, glanced at Xiao Chen and felt very wonderful.

Xiao Liu originally thought that he could call Xiao Chen’s boyfriend first. Xiao Chen said before that she had a boyfriend.

However, Xiao Chen’s boyfriend’s company is very far away from this hotel. It was already eight or nine in the evening when it was scattered. This point is just a peak period for the crowded section.

Xiao Liu probably estimated that if he called Xiao Chen’s boyfriend, even if the other party drove over immediately, it would take at least two hours, and the time was relatively long.

Xiao Chen was too drunk, and put Xiao Chen himself at the door of the hotel, and Xiao Liu was not assured.

Just as she was tangled, Manager Wen came out of the hotel lobby after finishing his account.Seeing Xiao Liu and Xiao Chen two, followed the situation of the two, Xiao Liu said that he had something to do at night, and wanted to call Xiao Chen’s boyfriend and let him pick up Xiao Chen, but think about itThere is not enough time, there is no way to accompany Xiao Chen to wait.

At this time, Manager Wen made a suggestion very well, saying that he could send Xiao Chen back.Xiao Liu thought for a moment, and felt that although manager Wen usually had a bad reputation, he would not do something illegal and discipline. In addition, everyone would be a company. If Xiao Chen really happened, the text really happened.The manager also has to take responsibility.

Xiao Liu himself had other things at night. After thinking about it, he decided to give Xiao Chen to Manager Wen.

Manager Wen sent Xiao Liu while sending away Xiao Liu, and he would safely send Xiao Chen to his home. Xiao Liu Cai, who was promised, safely sat on the taxi on a business trip.

However, what Xiao Liu didn’t expect was that manager Wen was so daring, and as soon as he left his feet, he took Xiao Chen into a nearby hotel.He did not send Xiao Chen home in accordance with the agreement. It turned out that he had a bad idea from the beginning.

Xiao Chen was really drunk too much. When Xiao Liu left, her consciousness had begun to scattered.When manager Wen took Xiao Chen into the hotel, Xiao Chen was even more confused. He didn’t realize what situation he was in, and Manager Wen took Xiao Chen into the hotel’s room while he was in danger.

Manager Wen is usually used to manual feet in the company, which was originally a less regular person.So if I didn’t think about it, I did such a thing. After opening the room in the hotel, Manager Wen had violated Xiao Chen.Xiao Chen did not wake up in the process of being violated because he was drunk.

After the infringement of Manager Wen, he left from the hotel room and left Xiao Chen alone in the hotel.

Wait until the morning of the second day, Xiao Chen woke up and found that he was naked.But I didn’t feel any abnormalities, and I was not sure what happened.

She carefully recalled the situation of last night, but the last memory stayed in the scene of her colleague Xiao Liu asked herself about her boyfriend’s phone number.In the future, I don’t remember clearly.

Xiao Chen also knew that he had drank too much about the broken film, but after thinking about it, he felt that Xiao Liu called his boyfriend and asked her boyfriend to pick him up.

Seeing that she didn’t wear a piece of clothes on her body, Xiao Chen subconsciously felt that her boyfriend should take off his clothes for himself.

She didn’t think too much. After looking at the time, she found that there was more than an hour from going to work. She got up and washed it in the hotel first, and then put on clothes to check out.After that, Xiao Chen went to buy breakfast slowly and went to work after eating breakfast.

After she was in class, she saw Xiao Liu, and she told Xiao Liu for thank you.Xiao Liu waved his hand and told Xiao Chen that he had nothing to do. At the same time, he also told Xiao Chen that if he really wants to thank him, he should also thank Manager Wen, because the manager Wen sent her back.

As soon as Xiao Chen heard this, he immediately caused vigilance. If Manager Wen sent himself back yesterday, who took off his clothes?Is it made by manager Wen?Will that be violated by manager Wen?

Xiao Chen felt that the situation was wrong, and immediately went to find the manager to confront.Xiao Chen first asked whether the manager Wen sent himself to the hotel yesterday was him. Manager Wen did not deny it.

Xiao Chen asked Manager Wen, whether his clothes were taken off by him, but Manager Wen said that he had no knowledge, claiming that he just went to the hotel to open a room for him, sent people to the room and then left.

For this statement, Xiao Chen is also doubtful, but without other evidence, he can only stop.However, what Xiao Chen didn’t expect was that it didn’t take long after this incident, his physiological period was postponed, and he never came.

Xiao Chen had some worries and suspected that he might be pregnant, so he went to the hospital for examination.After going to the hospital for examination, Xiao Chen found that she was really pregnant, but the fetal heart was unstable, only more than a month.

Sitting in the corridor of the hospital, Xiao Chen thought about it carefully and found that the previous party was more than a month ago.The more she wanted to panic, she was very scared, and even worried that the child in the stomach was likely not a boyfriend.

At first Xiao Chen told her boyfriend about her pregnancy. His boyfriend was very happy, and said that he must put the wedding on the agenda as soon as possible.Xiao Chen looked at her boyfriend who was happy to prepare for the wedding, and couldn’t explain her experience and doubts.

But with such doubts, after the child was born, it was only that the child’s father was not a boyfriend, and things would become worse.In order to prevent things from becoming worse, Xiao Chen decided to find a text manager to confront it again.

This time, Xiao Chen directly asked the manager, did he violate himself after the last party.Manager Wen, of course, denied that he was denying. The attitude of manager Xiao Chen just threw the pregnancy report directly in front of Manager Wen.

At the same time, Xiao Chen told Manager Wen that he was pregnant and calculated according to time, almost a month.This time is right with the previous party time, and now I suspect that the child is likely to be a manager.

Xiao Chen said that he had to do a parent -child identification and see who the child was in the stomach.If the child in the belly is not a boyfriend, the biggest suspect is the manager.

Xiao Chen asked Manager Wen to cooperate with himself to provide DNA for testing, otherwise the test will be found that the child is not a boyfriend. By then, he would call the police directly.

If it is cooperated now, this is the case, Xiao Chen will kill the child, and nothing will happen.When manager Wen heard Xiao Chen said, he immediately said that he would cooperate and provided DNA samples.

Xiao Chen took the DNA sample to test. The results after the test found that the child was indeed a manager.In addition to anger, Xiao Chen brought the test results to the police station, and called the police to be raped by the manager.

When the police came to the door, Manager Wen initially strongly denied it. However, after interrogating in the interrogation room, manager Wen began to be scared and frankly told the truth.But in court, manager Wen suddenly gave confession again.

During the first instance, manager Wen confessed to his crimes, but during the second trial, he suddenly changed his saying, claiming that he did not act, but did something indecent, and then dripped his body fluid in Xiao Chen’s privacy of the privacy of Xiao Chen’s privacy’s privacy.Site.

Repeatedly repeatedly over and after, the court did not adopt his testimony in the end. The final result of this case was sentenced to the end of the crime of rape of Wen Mou, and he sentenced him to 6 years in prison.

People should keep the bottom line of law and morality at any time. The manager of this surname is always harassing women in various ways, whether they are disrespectful to women, or they are invaded by drunk women.Very bad, such people are bound to be severely punished by law.

For women, you should still pay attention to protect yourself as much as possible.Especially when encountering a meal or some wine bureaus that can’t be pushed, try not to get drunk as much as possible. If there is no way to resist, at least call in advance to contact themselves.Essence

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