A woman in Qinghai was misdiagnosed, causing abortion after taking the medicine

Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Xining, went to the clinic to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed her for irregular menstruation and prescribed her medicine to promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but the "condition" never improved after taking the medicine.Later, she went to other hospitals for examination, and found that her physical discomfort was due to pregnancy.The doctor told her that because she had taken the Chinese medicine prescribed by the clinic, she might have an impact on the development of the fetus, and Ms. Zhang had to have an artificial abortion.

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In July of this year, Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Xining, felt that her body was a little uncomfortable, so she came to the medical room near her home to see a doctor. She received her doctor surnamed Tang.

Zhang Yufang Xining Citizen: On July 1st, my throat was a bit uncomfortable, so I came to the gardener to see the doctor, and then prescribed me for 7 days of medicine.After eating, the doctor told me that when he was on the 28th, he was going to the clinic, let me prescribe some medicine in the past, I went, and gave me 7 days of medicine for 7 days. After taking it, let me pass after taking it.

Until early August, Ms. Zhang found that she began to have symptoms such as dizziness, abdominal pain.So she came to the Xining Strait Hospital for consultation again. After diagnosis, the doctor told her that she had been pregnant for more than 50 days.

Ms. Zhang told reporters that she was 32 years old and had two children. I never thought she would still be pregnant.At that time, when I saw a doctor in the infirmary, the doctor had neither blood nor tested, but just took the pulse and briefly asked for a few words, and prescribed a few Chinese medicines for her.

Ms. Zhang provided reporters with a prescription for her outpatient doctor at the time, including angelica, Chi Zhi, Chuanxiong, safflower, Bai Zhi and other traditional Chinese medicines.Ms. Zhang said that she later asked the doctors to know that most of these traditional Chinese medicines were the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and many of them were contraindications during pregnant women and pregnancy.After taking it, it may have a great impact on fetal development.In desperation, Ms. Zhang had to perform an artificial abortion surgery.

Zhang Yufang Xining Citizen: I told him that I did n’t have menstruation. He should rule out whether I was pregnant. Even without seeing the cause, he prescribed medicine. This was his negligence as a doctor.

Ms. Zhang told reporters that after the incident, she communicated with the person in charge of the medical office and the doctor who saw him at the time many times, but the problem had not been resolved.

Zhang Yufang Xining Citizen: He said that their doctors couldn’t get out of the pulse, saying that the gods couldn’t get out, and he returned me like this.I also called the doctor at the time, but the attitude was particularly bad.

Because private coordination failed to solve the problem, Ms. Zhang had to reflect the problem to the relevant departments and submitted relevant written materials and evidence.Therefore, the People’s Mediation Committee of the Medical Disputes in the city in the city came forward to mediate again, but it still failed to reach an agreement.

Zhang Yufang Xining Citizen: I say that the demand is the compensation. He calculates more than 40,000. I said yes, but the doctor must dismiss the hire. I said that there should be a written thing if the dismissal is dismissed.The person in charge of the other clinic did not agree, that is, just gave me compensation and did not dismiss the doctor.

When Ms. Zhang reports

Located in the urban district of Xining

Gardener Garden Medical Office of Garden Dudu

Staff say

The person in charge of the medical office is not there

And the doctor involved did not come to work

Processing process

When the reporter contacted the doctor again after a while, no one answered the phone.In desperation, the reporter had to contact the person in charge of the medical office to understand the situation.

The person in charge said that Ms. Zhang did not tell the doctor in the future during the consultation, so the doctor did not have a misdiagnosis.In response to Ms. Zhang’s proposal, the doctor did not judge the pregnancy after the pulse, and the person in charge also responded: "The pulse is a relatively esoteric and intangible thing, nor is it that all pregnant people have slippery pulses. If it isSliding pulse or body deficiency is also slippery, not absolute. "

In addition, the person in charge told reporters that the two sides have been mediation in the relevant departments of the Judicial Bureau of the Chengzhong District of Xining.The amount of compensation has been negotiated and the amount of compensation has been negotiated, but the two parties cannot reach a settlement on the dismissal of the doctors involved.

In response to Ms. Zhang’s claim, the person in charge said that there was no evidence to directly prove that Ms. Zhang was caused by the abortion caused by taking medicine. I hope Ms. Zhang can understand the mood of the doctor involved.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted Director Yu of the People’s Mediation Committee of the Medical Disputes of the Medical Disputes in the Xining City Central District.Director Yu said that the matter is still in coordination. At present, the two parties of the compensation have been reached, but when the second mediation is mediation, the two parties have not yet reconciled the problems of the doctors involved.

Director Yu said: "According to laws and regulations, we count it. After discussion by experts, the amount of compensation is more than 20,000 yuan, but due to humanitarianism, the damage to the patients is relatively large.However, the patient’s demand is 150,000, so that we temporarily terminated, let the two sides calm down a little. After our mediation, the two sides are 50,000 yuan after mediation. "

When the reporter contacted the doctor again after a while

No one answers the phone

Without any choice

The reporter had to contact the person in charge of the medical office to understand the situation

process result

Director Yu told reporters that after the amount of compensation was reached, they also conducted many mediation on the second request made by Ms. Zhang.

Director Yu, the People’s Mediation Committee of the People’s Medical Disputes in the Central District of Xining City: She asked to dismiss the doctor, but we have no right. We are a third -party mediation work and have no right to dismiss the doctor.The clinic also has no right, because it is generally applied for compensation for three times and 5 times, and it must be filed by the Health and Health Commission, so the medical office has no right.Reach consistent.

In response to Ms. Zhang’s proposal, Director Yu also answered by the doctor’s misdiagnosis of dismissal: "Because of the relevant information we retrieved, the proof of him in the Straits Hospital was not written, saying that it was a threatened abortion caused by the drug.The 54 days of menopause written on the above requires termination of pregnancy, which is the explanation of this, so there is no direct evidence now that the medicine in the clinic has caused the child to have a miscarriage, so you need to identify this step. "Essence

Subsequently, Director Yu stated that he would continue to coordinate the two parties until the result of the consensus was resolved.

Director Yu said that when a doctor -patient dispute, patients should calmly and objectively analyze whether the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment behavior is faulty. At the same time, the hospital must also seek truth from facts to investigate and analyze the behavior of medical staff.On this basis, both parties can negotiate.If the negotiation is not successful, you can also file a lawsuit with the court.

until now

Know from Ms. Zhang

In the end, the two parties paid for 50,000 yuan

Three months of suspension of doctors involved in the incident

Reached an agreement

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