A man in Shaanxi resign at home to drink at home and drink 7 months of pregnancy to find a job.

Title: Girls who marry far away will be the treasure in the heart of her husband and in -laws.In real life, every woman is eager to get the care and love of her husband, and get the care and understanding of the in -laws.Especially pregnant women, at this time, her husband is not spoiled, and few women can accept it.

As a man, it is a happy thing to marry a beloved woman. A woman is willing to follow you to a strange city, which is greatly dependent on you and trust.

Recently, a media exposed a video.In Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, a young woman took a video of a pair of men and women in front of her.She was extremely emotional, for fear that she could not be venting unfairly.

It can be heard from the video that the two people who appeared in the camera, the mother -in -law who was cleaning home clothes was the woman, wearing a black phenomenon, and her husband who continued to walk around with her mobile phone.According to the photographer, she was 7 months pregnant. Before that, her husband had a good job, and he was very good to himself before marriage.

I do n’t know why, my husband resigned, and he was about to give birth to a baby. Her husband resigned at this festival, and he should find a better job. In the next period of time, he was lying in the next day.When playing games at home, when I was tired, either asked a friend to drink at home, or ran out to drink with friends, drunk and went home to fall asleep.

Watching the baby’s birth is getting closer and closer, her husband lives so purposefully every day, and he can’t help but say a few words.Perhaps it was above the breath. This man wearing glasses looked at Sesanwen and roared at his wife. If you can’t see it, you can find a job yourself.

The woman who was angry in her heart, when she heard her husband let herself hold a 7 -month -old belly to find a job to support her family, she collapsed for a while.Her mother -in -law, except for a smooth floor with a broom, did not say a word.

The two people who love each other are not easy to walk together. The two people who get married are not to say how rich and expensive they need, at least they should understand each other and encourage each other.As a man, before you become a family, you can just splurge your youth at will. As long as you don’t want to get married, no one will stop you.

I just chose to get married. After becoming a family, the man’s shoulder should have an additional responsibility, make money to support his family, and the elder wife is what a mature man should do.

After his wife was pregnant, he immediately ushered in his own little family. The man’s sense of responsibility should be more strong. If you are just how happy he is here at this time, Dongfang thinks that such men are not necessary to get married.

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