A kind of vaginitis or causing women to be infertile and be careful to be qualified to be a mother

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Bacterial vaginitis brings very harm to women. The treatment of bacterial vaginitis in time will also affect the normal ovulation of women, and will secrete alkaline secretions, which will affect the ability of male sperm activity, which will lead to increasing women’s pregnancy difficulty.Bacterial vaginitis can affect sperm quality, also affect the quality of eggs, affect women’s normal conception, a vaginitis or causes female infertility.

A vaginitis or leading to a female infertility, be careful to lose the qualification of being a mother

Bacterial vaginitis is some inflammation caused by some bacteria due to some bacteria, which is very harmful to women’s bodies.

Many times we don’t know why we have such a disease, so let’s take a look at how to cause bacterial vaginitis.

Female infertility or bacterial vaginitis causes calamity

Under normal circumstances, the flora in the vagina is relatively balanced, and the pH is relatively balanced (the pH value is between 3.8-4.5).This environment that is suitable for sperm is temporarily reserved and passed. It is very important. Once this environment is destroyed, infertility is prone to occur.

If bacterial vaginitis is suffering from bacterial vaginitis, the pH value of the vagina will exceed 4.5, and changes in the acid and alkali of the vaginal environment in the vagina will inhibit the mobility of the sperm.In addition, pathogenic bacteria will devour sperm, and when suffering from bacterial vaginitis, the vaginal endocrine increases a lot, and the secretion contains a large amount of white blood cells. These will prevent the sperm survival and reduce the number of sperm.Those with a small number of sperm and poor activity are likely to cause infertility.In addition, once inflammation is up, infected with the uterine cavity, causing fallopianitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., which can also cause infertility.

Bacterial vaginitis In addition to causing trouble to the mother’s reproductive health, patients with severe bacterial infection will also affect normal work and study.During pregnancy, this harm naturally increases, because it will endanger the fetus, which will cause fetal motion, and severe causes premature birth and abortion.

How is bacterial vaginitis caused

1. Indirect contact infection

Twenty percent of the cause, indirect contact infection is a way to spread the disease.Those can be called indirect infection? Pedications, bathtubs, baths, towels, and napkins that are contacted into the infected toilets infected by bacteria patients can cause dissemination.Try to avoid using public items.

2. Sexual communication

The cause of bacterial vaginitis accounts for 35 %, so we must be vigilant.At least 10%of the men with symptoms have bacterial urethritis, and they should also give reasonable treatment to prevent intestinal infection.So do a good job of defense and clean yourself.

3. Take a lot of antibiotics

Today, in the use of antibiotics, many people have a lot of misunderstandings. Usually they take some antibiotics without authorization. A large number of antibiotics are taken to change the vaginal micro -ring.Seizure of vaginitis.

How to prevent bacterial vaginitis

1. Develop good hygiene habits: should also wash your hands before going to the toilet; do not abuse unclean toilet paper; wipe the vulva from the front after defecation; clean the vulva dailyDedicated by the towel itself; the underwear and socks are cleaned; pay attention to menstrual hygiene.

2. Wear cotton loose underwear and wear less tights.

3. When using a public toilet, try to avoid sitting toilets as much as possible; promote shower and do not wash the pot; do not sit directly on the bathroom chair after bathing; swim in a swimming pool that is not strictly disinfected.

4. However, the vulva is cleaned, and you only need to clean it once a day. Do not clean the vagina.

5. Avoid frequent sexual life, as well as multi -person partners, unclean sexual life.

A kind of vaginitis or causes female infertility, bacterial vaginitis is very harmful to women. Bacterial vaginitis can affect the harmony of sexual life and affect normal fertility function. Bacterial vaginitis secretes prostitution secretionsIt will affect the ability of men’s sperm, which will reduce the quality of men’s sperm and increase the difficulty of women’s conception.

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