A girl accidentally saved a pregnant mother rabbit, and the blessing came!

According to legend, there is a resident who lives on hunting for hunting under Wolong Mountain. The owner Liu must be lazy to do it. Occasionally, hunting some small animals on the mountain to change some money in the town to maintain his livelihood.He has a daughter named Liu Yi. Although the family is poor, but she can’t help but change her eighteen changes, and she is very beautiful. Shili folks know her beauty and kindness.The matchmaker broke through the threshold of her family. Liu must have seen the doorway of making money. In front of the matchmaker, who would propose who could take out 300 silver dollars, he married his daughter.Qian married her, and the rich people looked at the identity of such a origin, and would not marry her as the lady of the main room. They could only be a concubine. Therefore, Liu Yi was dragged to 19 years old and did not marry.

One day, Liu Yi washed his clothes by the stream, and saw Luo Jiacheng, a guy in the same village, walked over with a Luo Ji, and there was a fat white rabbit in Luo. This white rabbit was quite a big belly.It’s cute!"Brother Jiacheng, where are you going?" "Sister Liu Yi, just caught a rabbit on the mountain, ready to make a bowl of braised rabbit meat, girl, you can’t taste it if you don’t go to my house." Luo Jiacheng liked this beautiful kind and kind longThe girl, but the family is poor, and I can’t get so much money to make a gift, only to give up."Brother Jiacheng, please give me one thing and give me the rabbit! I like this rabbit." "Okay! As long as the girl speaks, it will be given to you anymore."

Liu Yi hugged the rabbit back home.As a result, I saw a basket of gifts at the door at home. It turned out that a Liu member in the neighboring village looked at her, and even took out the 300 silver dollars to get a gift to marry her.After a month, the wedding was in front of him. Liu Yi hugged the white rabbit to Wolong Mountain. "White rabbit, go! Go to you! I’m about to get married, if you don’t go, your father will take it.You make wine, let’s go! Let’s go! "White Rabbit jumped and disappeared into the woods.

Liu Yi sat in the wedding sedan, came to Liu Yuan’s house, worshiped the world, and sent it into the cave.Liu Yi waited on the wedding bed and waited for the groom. He didn’t see the groom, and he fell asleep. In a dream, a white girl said to her, "You go, and Liu Yuan who marry you is not a good person." Liu Yimong woke up,Suddenly I wanted to go to the housing, so I said to the Yahuan beside me, "I want to go to the hut." The Yahuan took Liu Yi to the hut. Liu Yi suddenly heard a voice outside in the hut.There are those who escorted the grain on the Tao to pass by us, or rob the robbery. "" Okay, take the Qi brothers to rob and celebrate my marrying wife. "Liu Yi hurried out of the hut, and saw a white light.A young woman pulled her out of Liu Yuan’s home.

"Mrs., thank you." "Girl, don’t be afraid, I am the one you saved, to thank you for saving your life!" Liu Yi waved farewell to the white rabbit.Go straight to the county, "Master Guan, and the people who have to tell Liu Yuan, Liu Yuan is a gangster, specializing in robbery." "What do you have?" "Tomorrow, whether there are escorted grains on the official road." "Well,There is really such a matter, I may wish to believe her once. Maybe the master, I have made a merit, and I will be promoted to the third level! "So, the county official took the government to rush to Liu Yuan’s home and caught the gangsters who had been drunk and drunk.Search a lot of knife and guns.The county official was overjoyed and appreciated Liu Yi’s 200 silver dollars, which lifted her marriage with Liu Yuan.Later, Liu Yi and Luo Jiacheng got married and lived a happy and happy life!

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