A few things about the former master of Deyun Society Yan Yunda (Yan Zonghai) have to say

Yan Zonghai, the nickname is bright, the former head of Deyun Club, the older brother, has established it.When he was young, Guo Degang studied cross talk in 1994. He returned to Deyun Society in 2007. He won the art name Yan Yunda. He was tied with He Wei at the time.

This exit was at least simple and non -waste, and the author still appreciated this Li Suo.

There are many ways to say about Yan Zonghai and Deyun Society and Guo Degang. There are many ways to mess around the Internet. I analyze it here.

First, the issue of worship

It is said that Yan Zonghai’s worshipers Guo Degang learned Hebei Xunzi.This is a misunderstanding.There are a few points to confirm that at the time, it was not himself, but several children who followed the 21 -year -old Guo Degang.At that time, Xiao Guo did not collect tuition and cared for.The crosstalk paragraph of Enlightenment also includes "Five Elements Poems", which is also the enlightenment of Guo Degang in Mr. Gao Xiangkai.This is explained in detail in the book of Guo Degang’s sister -in -law Wang Yinqin.

In 1994, Guo Degang’s lowest tide was in life. The next year he broke into Beijing, and he broke the contact with the apprentices.

Second, the issue of regression

Yan Zonghai resigned from the position of the hotel lobby manager (@Meng Hetang) in Tianjin in 2007, and went to Beijing to go to Guo Degang.He didn’t even rush straight to the backstage to recognize Guo Degang in the backstage.

Some people say that Yan Zonghai is greedy for wealth. Why did Deyun Society not go to go when they were not red?

This statement is to lift the bars. You can’t eat your relatives. Do you go to others?Yan Zonghai is a child with a little basic foundation. He went to help and helped to say it before, and had a pair of chopsticks to eat.Isn’t it normal to wait for Deyun Society to get rid of the crisis of survival and then go to the world?

Do we have to torture him for everyone who goes to Ali. Where did you go when Ma Yun ate instant noodles?

Third, dirty problems

This is the most criticized issue of Yan Zonghai.The author has heard his cross talks at the scene. For audiences without psychological preparation, his performance style is indeed very strong.EssenceEssencefrightening.So some people say that he is a crosstalk.

This has to be explained that Yan Zonghai had just begun to be in Deyun Society. He was once known as one of the four sons of Deyun, because of the handsome face and elegant typhoon at that time.Then why did it become a wretched cross talk.

The first thing is that his foundation is not solid. After Kai Mongolian, the society did not continue to learn academic dialogue. When he returned to Deyun Society, the other teachers have been on stage for a long time. He Wei Cao Jin Kong Yunlong has his own fans.EssenceFor this master who fell from the sky, the pressure is still quite strong.If you can’t practice from the foundation, you can only go to the sword.

The second is Guo Degang’s always principle, that is, you get red first (@其).When he said in the teahouse, he also said that when he said cross talk, he also had a lot of scriptures and dirty mouths, but later he slowly returned with his fame.You see Zhang Helun, at first, at the small theater, he was also messy and dirty.

Yan Yunda must not be able to do Li Gen. Playing is not as good as Yue Yunpeng. Singing Quer is not Zhang Yunlei opponent. The Allegro can not play the peak.

The dirty mouth is not his original face, it is just a person set or selling points.This is just like the good man of Uncle Wu Xiubo Nuanwen’s article, it is a personal design.

Fourth, travel because Guo Degang doesn’t hold it

Those who say this are a little lost.Before leaving, Yan Zonghai also served as the captain of the second team in the second team. The small theater was at the bottom. He often played the role of help and opened a special game.Is this called it?According to his exposure, there are few brothers in front of him.Measured by his cross talk level, this has been held in computing!Shi Aidong and Liu Ye, who had gone him, were all uncle -level. There were few conditions.

Fifth, run away because of the peach -colored incident

This is the most vulgar statement that is the most vulgar, and I have to say that this kind of thing is really boring.On the day I resigned on a company, a female manager reported to HR that he was pregnant.Can you say that the child of that female manager is the author?

Such rumors are extremely boring people who believe and spread.

Sixth, will you still return to Deyun Society?

The author believes that Yan Zonghai’s departure may be related to personal career bottlenecks and psychological changes.A man in his thirties had a lot of thoughts. The author also left in a very good company at his age without warning.The idea of walking and after walking is really a lot, and now I think about it really impulsive and irrational.So Yan Zonghai’s departure may be just a wayward life.The world is so big, I want to see the same kind.

After leaving, Yan Zonghai did not join other crosstalk groups, which also laid a foreshadowing.After all, don’t you say that cross talk really goes back to be the master?

Master is not good, after all, not every master is so big

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