A 24 -year -old girl is afraid of marriage and arrhythmia?Get "heart type" cervical spondylosis: neck heart syndrome

Nandu News Reporter Wang Daobin Correspondent Zhu Lushi’s chest tightness, panic, and heart confused … Many people think that "heart disease" is often a matter of middle -aged and elderly people. Recently, experts have found that more and more young people have more and more heart rhythm, and behind the behind, and behind the behindThe reason was caused by the youthfulness of cervical spondylosis …

Recently, the 24 -year -old girl Zhenzhen was nervous in order to organize the wedding, and at the same time was afraid of uncomfortable life after marriage, and insomnia and palpitations for half a month.Zhenzhen didn’t care about it at the beginning, but his chest tightness and panic were worsened. He had to go to the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province to see a doctor. The investigation was "pre -excitement syndrome". Finally, he checked the "neck heart syndrome".

Cantonese girls are afraid of marriage and causing insomnia for half a month

For two years in love, Zhenzhen finally waited for her boyfriend’s sweet proposal. In January of this year, they began preparing for the wedding.Because the fiance was busy with work, the "burden" of organizing the wedding was pressed on Zhenzhen.

"Various details of the wedding are cumbersome, and they are afraid of their poor life after marriage. I don’t get along well with my husband and in -laws. I feel stressful. I have been insomnia, palpitations, and panic since January.Dreaming, I thought it would be good to rest for two days, but even sleeping in the back, especially when lying on the bed, palpitations were obvious, chest tightness and chest pain worsened, and there were many reports of sudden heart disease in the news. I was worried that I had a serious heart disease.Go to the hospital to see a doctor. "Zhenzhen told reporters.

After arriving at the hospital, I thought that the heart disease came to the hospital, and immediately hung an expert in cardiovascular medicine to see the doctor, and was diagnosed by cardiology experts as "pre -excitation syndrome".

At the suggestion of experts, she arrived at the traditional medical clinic, hoping to use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning, and there would be no surgery.After asking Dr. Zhou Xin, a traditional medical clinic, he carefully conducted a physical examination for Zhenzhen after asking the condition.Heart syndrome.Correspondent pictures. Treatment pictures have nothing to do with case cases

"The common symptoms of neck heart syndrome are pain, chest tightness, palpitations, or neck discomfort, hand numbness, slightly dizziness, the emergence of ischemic myocardium, arrhythmia, ventricular premature beats, or room -based premature pairing in the electrocardiogram, Dipping blocking, etc., due to changes in cervical spine, directly compress or indirect reflection to stimulate the sympathetic nerve beside the cervical spine. And these diseases are often not effective in treating the treatment of coronary heart disease and anti -cardiac rhythm. "Dr. Zhou Xin said.

Unlike heart disease, the myocardial ischemia of patients with neck heart syndrome is not caused by coronary arteries.

When the cervical and thoracic spine occurs, the sympathetic nerves will be affected. Nervous impulses can stimulate the internal organs sensory reflection, causing myocardial ischemia and uneven rhythm.People with long -term malnutrition, weak qi and blood, long -term desk work, lack of exercise, and weak muscle relaxation often are prone to neck heart syndrome.

According to Zhenzhen’s situation, Dr. Zhou Xin used Chinese medicine to nourish blood and soot, and then used "lazy needles" to be treated with "lazy needles" for the positive response area.

For four weeks of treatment time, Zhenzhen’s symptoms were reduced by one at a time, and the frequency of hair loss was significantly reduced. There was almost no above -mentioned trouble when the last review.

Dr. Zhou Xin also conducted daily diet and exercise guidance based on Zhenzhen’s constitution. In March, Zhenzhen was surprised to find that he was pregnant, and there was no symptoms such as palpitations, panic, and insomnia.

Cervical spondylosis affects more traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation treatment.

Dr. Zhou Xin, a traditional medical clinic of the Second Medicine of the Provincial Medicine, introduced that cervical spondylosis not only caused patients to feel uncomfortable neck and limited activity, but also caused the diseases of the neck to stimulate the sympathetic nerves, affect the internal organs, affect the cardiovascular system, and cause pain in the first region.Chest tightness, palpitations, electrocardiogram, ischemic myocardial changes, ventricular premature papal or room -based premature beats can also cause symptoms such as elevated blood pressure. These manifestations are called "cervical angina pectoris", "neck arrhythmia", "neck neck", "neck of the neck""Sexual hypertension" is collectively referred to as "neck heart syndrome".

The incidence of cervical spondylosis is becoming more and more young. Clinically, playing with mobile phones and long -term desk work has become the most common cause of cervical disease.Long -term playing mobile phones will cause excessive pressure on the neck. The normal bending of the cervical spine is "reverse", which eventually leads to chronic strain. Increased cervical spine load is often the induction of the "neck heart syndrome" angina pectoris.

The treatment of neck heart syndrome is mainly to protect the blood supply of the vertebral -base arterial system and reduce inflammatory lesions.Because the neck heart syndrome belongs to the category of "palpitations", "chest paralysis", and "syndrome" in traditional Chinese medicine.

Through the interlude, traditional Chinese medicine will perform syndrome based on the different situations of each person. Clinically, it is roughly divided into qi stagnation and blood stasis, phlegm -wet resistance, liver and kidney deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, etc.Chinese medicines such as qi and nourishing the heart, dredging meridians, nourishing liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, have the functions of nourishing the mind, nourishing the heart, nourishing the liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation, and nourishing qi and spleen.In addition, traditional Chinese medicine special technical therapy includes massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, needle cupping, small needle knife pine solution therapy, traction treatment, acupoint injection method, etc. can be selected.

Zhou Xin suggested that in daily life, pay attention to a balanced nutritional diet, keep the neck warm, avoid cold neck and spine, pay attention to the correct posture, and do some proper neck gymnastics.

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