A 17 -year -old high school student even held the big belly in May?IntersectionThe doctor was surprised …

One hand holding a waist and holding a stomach is a movement that is only available for pregnant women. However, when these moves appear on a 17 -year -old girl, it is a bit surprising. At the end of October, the hospital came with such a girl.But after inspection, the girl was not pregnant.

The girl who came to the doctor was a high school student.

As the captain of the Football Team, she usually trains hard.Five years ago, she found that her lower abdomen was a bit hard, but at the time she thought it was abdominal muscles and had a sense of accomplishment.But in the past year, the abdominal muscles have been practiced and bigger, and her parents took her to a local hospital for examination, and found that she had more than ten centimeters of tumors in her stomach, and the tumor continued to grow.

Doctor: "This teratoma who helped her measure was twenty centimeters, and the twenty centimeters were quite pregnant for five months of pregnancy.

After detailed examination, the doctor judged that the tumor in the girl’s belly was ovarian teratoma.Generally, the teratoma is also five or six cm, and it is rarely over 10 cm. Twenty centimeters of teratoma are also rare.The tumor has occupied the entire pelvic cavity of the girl and needs to surgery as soon as possible.The surgery team formulated a treatment plan for only two to three centimeters for girls.

After an hour of surgery, 20 cm teratoma was successfully removed, and the girl was discharged smoothly the next day.Favorite tumor is a common tumor for women’s reproductive systems and can occur in all ages of women.

Ovarian tumors like teratoma have no symptoms in the early days, or some symptoms are not unique to ovarian tumors. They often find it after they grow larger. This requires everyone to pay close attention to their own changes and seek medical treatment in time.

Doctor’s reminder: The symptoms of ovarian tumors like teratoma can be reflected in several aspects, one is compressed symptoms, the other is the gastrointestinal tract, and abnormal bleeding.Children who have changed menstruation must be vigilant, we are more convenient now, and we will come out if you do a B -ultrasound.

If the body appears abnormal

Some symptoms continue to appear

Or what changes in appearance

Go to the hospital for examination in time

Usually can also be regularly

Do some physical examination

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