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The rules are still one: whether you are asking questions or vomiting, please add”规 规”three words to the message, because everyone is too enthusiastic, maybe your information will be drowned in a large number of replys, and you will read the king from time to time.Search for keywords to prevent wrong.1 Lazy:”1 1″Why are the TV tower similar to?Recently, some netizens posted a picture of Zhang Sumi Garden overlooking the CCTV Tower on Weibo. As a result, her mother asked her if she was Shanghai (I thought it was the Oriental Pearl TV Tower) … Netizens not only felt that the two TV towers were "god -like", but alsoI felt like my own TV tower, and I also made a hot search for this.Why must there be a ball on the TV tower?No recognition?One reading: The common point of the TV tower is high and thin. This purpose is to give full play to the professional ability of the TV tower -send a radio and television signal.In order to make the signal spread enough and far enough, it is usually built into the tallest building in the city.The height differences have visual impact, so TV towers in various places are also local landmark buildings, such as 405m high in the Central Radio and Television Tower in Beijing, ranking ninth in the world; Tianjin’s Tianjin Radio and Television Tower high 415.2m, the eighth in the world;The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai is 468m high, ranking fifth in the world; Guangzhou’s Guangzhou Tower is 600m, ranking second in the world.

The "ball" on the top four TV towers in China is the workbench of the signal transmission equipment on the tower on the tower, which is usually closer to the top position of the tower.When there was no "ball" in the early days, a platform was also required to allow staff to restore physical strength (signal tower without an elevator) after a long climbing.Extreme sports enthusiasts climb the abandoned signal tower 丨 The movie "Fall" but is a TV tower with high and landmarks. It is a pity that only the signal is emitted. Therefore, many TV towers have rotating restaurants on the platform location for tourists to dine.Scenery has the commercial value of leisure, entertainment, catering, and sightseeing.Because the tower is too high and the tower body is thin, it is necessary to consider minimizing the impact of high -altitude strong wind on the tower body. Therefore, the tower body is usually built into a circular (such as a CCTV tower) or a hollow structure (such as the Eiffel Tower).The rotating restaurant is also the same as the tower body. It needs to be built in a circle, not the "cube" and "cubic" of the roller.In addition, in order to cope with extreme natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, the television tower must also be constructed in accordance with relevant specifications, such as "Technical Specifications for Concrete TV Tower Structures" GB 50342.

The GB 50342 mentioned that the television tower body should be selected for structural selection according to factors such as process and use requirements, building shape, natural conditions, materials and construction.The appearance of the tower should be composed of a smooth continuous curve or a straight line. The horizontal cross section should be symmetrical section. Generally, the cylindrical section should be adopted.

When the TV tower that seeks high and benefits is constrained by technical specifications, there are not many deformation spaces that can be exerted. When you look far away, it will become larger and similar.2

Positive function:”正 正”Dudu, why toothpaste is a variety of colors, all of them are white foam, not foam corresponding to the color?One reading: The toothpaste foam is caused by the dilution of water, so it is not affected by the original color.The foam is originally transparent, and the surface can reflect the seven -color glory of the sun, just like soap bubbles.However, toothpaste foam is too small and accumulates together. High density can cause the foam to lose seven colors and show ordinary white.Not only toothpaste foam, but the larger laundry powder and soap foam are piled up together.Of course, if the manufacturer is willing, it is not difficult to make the white foam a bit special.Just like when we brush the tooth brush to the gums, the foam of the toothpaste is not white, but pink with different concentrations.However, manufacturers are usually unwilling to make foam "brilliant", because the role of toothpaste is clean, and white is a symbolic clean color.Toothpaste cannot turn the teeth instantly, at least it must be clean and hygienic during the brushing process.

3 Beiwangqiao:”3 3″万 3 3 3, have you encountered two or three toilets (large) in a day, what does the chrysanthemum seem to lack "lubrication" or what causes the chrysanthemum pain?It feels that the chrysanthemum is very dry, and then there may be friction. The chrysanthemums seem to be rubbing dry, and it hurts to stand and lie down.Most of the time I go to work, and I walk around occasionally.Sometimes when you go home after get off work, apply some lubricating skin care products to the chrysanthemum.One Reading Jun: Yiyanjun thinks that the chrysanthemums you said may be "dry", which may be that the toilet paper is too rough, or the chrysanthemum is too strong when rubbing the chrysanthemum.Use wet towels (pay attention to quality). After rubbing, chrysanthemums can not only reduce stimuli, but also wipe it cleaner.Keeping chrysanthemum cleaning will help prevent a variety of perianal skin diseases. Those who have conditions can clean the chrysanthemum after stool (there is no condition to clean it daily).

Lubricating skin care products can alleviate the dryness and discomfort of chrysanthemums, but it is not necessarily suitable for the skin of the perianal skin. It is not suitable for long -term use to avoid perianal eczema due to stimulation.Although everyone is not moving for 10 hours for a long time, as long as the exercise is appropriately increased, the risk of being taught by chrysanthemums can be reduced and delayed.I wish you all the health of chrysanthemums!4 Anonymous:”4 4″Anonymous submission, good reading, I am 36 husbands and 37 years old. Recently, because of the second child (10 months), there is a busy job (two days I work overtime to 12 o’clock), there are some, there are, there are, there are, there are, there are, there are, there are some, there is some.There is no husband and wife life for more than a week.He said he had to be as soon as possible, otherwise it would be too uncomfortable.I said that you will flicker me, and the same is true of other men?In real life, I really don’t know who to ask, so come and ask you, thank you.One reading Jun: … thanks for trust.Because people are different from human body and have low sexual desires, there are hyperthyroidism, but normal men will not "explode" because of this, otherwise they will not "keep the history of the Qing Dynasty" and can also search for the last time.However, his demand is so strong that there are still some problems, and there is a possibility of existence of testosterone secretion.It shows that he not only does not work, but also has too little life pressure, and has no mental burden.In contrast, many men and even young men of the same age may have been destroyed by bad living environments such as fatigue, work pressure, staying up late, and mental stress."The state of fun.

Therefore, your husband’s physical condition is particularly good. It is recommended to transfer to him with children, housework and other things to help him consume energy and avoid "exploding" hot search.5 Love Bigan Pear:”5 5″What is love?One reading: Love is a human test, which mainly evaluates the comprehensive matching of two people, and can usually continue between two highly matched people.The degree of matching is not a talented girl in the secular sense, but the subjective needs of the two individuals. Girls may want boys to be young and beautiful, and boys may also hope that girls are outstanding and smart.And the specific needs and types of each individual are completely different. When the two parties meet the needs of most (even all) of each other (even all), the two parties can match the two sides.Human needs are not static. Over time, the high match chain of the two sides may also break. At this time, love will gradually disappear.If you want to maintain love, you need to compromise between the two sides, either strive to become the hope of the other party, or give up your needs.Then the two sides will find that they are not happy to work hard, so the wise will not enter the river.

6Z:”6 6″一 6 6 6, do you think people and horses are pregnant when they are pregnant?Still in the stomach?Yiyi Jun: I have never seen a horse, but I personally think that the Huai is in the horse’s belly.Baby horses should be greater than babies. Will it be too difficult to use a belly?Moreover, people seem to have two stomachs, but there may not be two complete organs.

There is also a legend about people and horses: the ancient Greeks had not seen the cavalry, and regarded the cavalry of the Central Asian nomads as human horses … In this case, it was the belly of the human belly, the horse’s belly was pregnant, and each was looking for their mothers.7 Indus:”7 7″Poison, I saw a comments from the makeup video sent by my former colleagues, and I suddenly felt the norm of physiological discomfort. Is this normal?Reading Jun: Normal.Because negative emotions can cause physiological nausea, vomiting and other discomfort, it may even cause vomiting physiological function changes.Emotions and emotions can act on the human body through autonomous nerve function, causing healthy people with heart disease symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, panic, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.Therefore, medical always suggested that we maintain a good mood.Of course, it is not easy to maintain good emotions, so we have to work hard to block negative interference, or transform negative energy -your predecessor as a ghost, isn’t it normal to say color?Why do you have to do it with the dead color ghost ~ 8

饭:” ”能  壹           will be easy to turn black?We know that sunlight will make the skin blackened, but without the sun, do not do sunscreen or wearing a mask, etc., will the skin become black?Personally, the wind is blowing in spring and summer, and the skin is faster.One Reading Jun: There is no study to confirm that the skin becomes dark and the hair dryer has a direct connection.Is there a possibility that the "content" of wind and ultraviolet rays outdoors in spring and summer is too high?After all, the ultraviolet rays in spring and summer are strong. Even if you look at the sun, the ultraviolet rays can still penetrate the clouds, making us darkened, and even the ultraviolet rays that scatter the house in the room.Therefore, you don’t want to turn black in spring and summer, you must do sunscreen work when you go out.

As for the problem of hair dryer, the cold wind in winter is so embarrassed, and the big sun can’t blow us. It can be seen that the problem of ultraviolet rays.Stars, we will never go away ~

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