90%of the pregnant mothers do not know that these six production examinations must be done!#

6 examinations must be done during pregnancy, don’t miss it!The quasi -second -child mother tells you that six items must be checked!These 6 examinations during pregnancy must be done!I heard it, I will put the specific check -up form at the end of the video. Don’t miss time.

The first stage is to confirm pregnancy in the early stage. If you are 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do a B-ultrasound to eliminate ectopic pregnancy. It can be confirmed that the fetal heart buds can be a little later and do it at 7-8 weeks.Because there are some beds in bed late, you may not be able to see it too early, otherwise you will scare yourself to worry about death.I tell you that the second stage is NT, which is done in about 12 weeks. This is the earliest discharge examination, mainly to see the baby’s neck transparent layer. If this value is less than 2.5 mm, it basically indicates that the baby is healthy.OK.

The third stage is the Tang sieve made about 16 weeks. This is about to draw blood. Some hospitals require that some empty stomachs are not needed. It is mainly to check whether the baby has Tang’s syndrome and whether the other two chromosomes are abnormal.However, Tang S screen ’s accuracy rate is only 6070%, so some mothers will further make non -invasive, non -invasive places need to pay at their own expense, and it is very expensive.

The fourth stage is the biggest time to do it at 22-26 weeks. This is the most detailed test of the entire pregnancy, mainly to see the baby’s appearance development.At this time you can see the baby’s clearer outline photo.

The fifth stage is to do sugar tolerance at 24-28 weeks. Check whether the mother has diabetes during pregnancy. If the sugar is not to be available, then the diet must be strictly controlled.

The sixth stage is a small row of deformed in 30-32 weeks, which further eliminates the risk of abnormalities in the baby.

After the above is done, starting from 34 weeks, fetal heart monitoring once a week.It is hoped that every pregnant mothers have a green light and the baby victory.

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