9 years in a row, and a 29 -year -old woman was pregnant again. She said: If you are pregnant, you will give birth.

Xiaxia lived in the countryside, gave birth to the first child at the age of 20, and gave birth to 6 girls in 9 years, and now she is pregnant again!

This is Xiaxia’s mother -in -law and 6 children. These 6 children are very obedient. The family rely on her husband to make zero -time work in the county seat. There are too many children and poor family members.food.

When Xiaxia had so many children, Xiaxia was helpless: when she was pregnant, she gave birth to … Hey, is it so difficult to contraceptive?Is it really good to be so dense?

The interval between having a child is too short to the maternal fetus

There are only two choices in a short period of time after delivery, one is abortion, and the other is to continue pregnancy.No matter which one is choosing, it is not good for maternal or fetal.

If you choose to continue your pregnancy, the maternal and newborn mortality rates, premature birth, and low -weight children will increase.If choosing an artificial abortion is a high -risk abortion, because within half a year after giving birth, the uterus has not yet recovered, the uterus is soft and congested, and perforation and uterine contraction are prone to occur.

In order to reduce the bad ending of the mother and siege fetuses and newborn, the World Health Organization suggested that at least 24 months of pregnancy for re -pregnancy.

There are many contraceptive methods that can be selected after delivery

The preferred non -hormonal method, such as the contraceptive method (LAM), the internal adustrator (ring), and sterilization of the palace.Secondly, you can choose long -acting and simple progesterone methods, such as using intrauterine slow release systems (IUS), acetate nailorone confession needle (DMPA), subcutaneous buried contraceptives, luteum vaginal ring.In addition, there are also topical contraceptive methods, such as condoms (male or female), spermist (foam, gel), etc. can also be selected.

It is also worth mentioning that the breastfeeding period is closed during the breastfeeding period. If this method is effective, the following three conditions must be strictly met: the menstruation has not been restored, the pure mother breastfeeding, and the baby is less than 6 months.It is indispensable for the three conditions. The number of breastfeeding and breastfeeding time is the key to maintaining contraception. It must be completely or close to full breastfeeding, otherwise it will easily lead to contraception failure.

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