800 pounds of couples who have lost weight in bed, in order to give birth to children, reduce 400 pounds a year

This couple who eats meat for many years has reached 800 pounds,

Later, in order to have children, they reduced 400 pounds a year.

My husband said that if the child was born with a fat man, he strangled to death,

Although this is a joke, people know that people drink water and warmth,

The sadness brought by obesity is only known to them.

This man is named Deng Yang. At the age of 29, he has a weight close to 400 pounds.

Next to him was his wife Lin Yue, and his body shape was comparable to him. He weighed 400 pounds.

The biggest hobbies of the couple are eating meat. In the principle of "life in life and shortness of life",

They eat meat with a big mouth, regardless of their bodies that have seriously exceed the standard,

Recently, the two have passed the two -person world,

Looking at the relatives and friends around, they all have cute children as expected.

The couple are very envious, they decided to arrange one for themselves,

The three -person world is beautiful, but the reality is always unsatisfactory,

If you are pregnant, the fetus causes organs or diseases caused by tissue, or the probability of led intelligence, or cerebral palsy is very high.

The couple finally realized the seriousness of the matter. In order to have a healthy baby,

They decided to abuse themselves fiercely.

If you talk about it, the couple have come to the weight loss hospital where they met.

After all, weight loss is not a matter of overnight,

Considering the physical condition of the couple, the doctor stipulated that the exercise time for each time was three minutes.

The two walked slowly on the treadmill,

Looking at laziness, in fact, this is already their biggest exercise amount,

It didn’t take long for the couple to breathe and sweat quickly,

You are like a specific obesity. First of all, the lumbar spine includes the knee joint of the lower limbs, and the ankle joint load load is very serious.

At this time, if you are over -training, it will be deficient in oxygen, which can easily cause sudden death in clinical medicine.

In fact, Deng Yang’s obesity has a long history. Since his birth, he has been fatter than his peers.

When he reaches 7 months, the weight has reached 31 pounds,

Because the young family did not care,

Deng Yang is too much loved by his family, and the nutrition has suffered from simple obesity.

When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor only suggested that the family members control it moderately from the diet.

However, with the increase of age, Deng Yang’s weight still increases.

After school, because the obese classmates laughed at him to bully him,

Deng Yang is therefore more autistic,

Later, the bicycle could not bear his weight,

As a result, he was often forced to drop out of school,

In order to allow him to continue to school, Deng Yang’s family has to supervise him to lose weight.

Other people are studying at school, and the Deng Yang family is a accompanying run.

For Deng Yang, the Deng family came to the dining table for two years.

No meat is eaten, causing Deng Yang to be hungry every day.

Sometimes I have a hurry to the family because of the meat.

However, noisy, noisy, losing weight still have to continue,

After trying all methods of weight loss, Deng Yang finally lost 150 pounds.

However, it is definitely unhealthy for suddenly thinning so quickly, and the weight loss of sharp decline quickly ushered in retaliated growth.

In 2009, Deng Yang’s weight soared to 410 pounds,

This made him very frustrated, and the bitterness of weight loss before,

Not only that, the overweight load also caused Deng Yang’s body to have problems.

His father took him to see medicine everywhere, and finally found the Kangda Weight Hospital in Changchun, Jilin.

Here, Deng Yang met his true daughter -in -law Lin Yang,

Everyone is a fat friend, everyone is together, and then after a few months, they feel a little ambiguous each other.

Perhaps because of the same hobbies, they quickly came together,

The process of weight loss is boring and painful, but fortunately they have a sweet love,

Cheer up with each other, not long before, the weight of the two is almost close to the weight of normal people.

When I returned to Sichuan more than 180 pounds, about 200 pounds,

After the weight loss was successful, the two were ecstatic,

However, their love problem has just begun,

Deng Yang is in Tianjin, Lin Yue is in Sichuan,

Because of far away, Lin Yue’s parents have always disagreed with the two together.

In order to prove your sincerity,

Deng Yang ran thousands of miles for love and came to work in Sichuan.

He is practical and willing to work at work, and he also cares about Lin Yue.

In the end Lin Yue’s parents were finally moved by his sincerity,

After four years of love long -distance running, the two entered the palace of marriage in 2015.

Because of weight, the wedding dress of the couple can only be customized online,

Lin Yue said, "Can’t try different styles of wedding dresses like others, and I don’t know what style they are suitable."

I didn’t see her most beautiful look, this is a great regret.

After getting married, the two began a sweet life,

In order to better take care of his wife, Deng Yang also went out to worship teachers to learn art.

Change the patterns every day for Lin Yue to eat delicious,

Lin Yue has almost no vegetarian, typical meatless,

Therefore, Deng Yang served Lin Yue’s discerning stomach every day.

The two can eat three pounds of meat per day.

I have lost weight for ten years to lose weight for three minutes.

The diet is not restrained, and the couple do not like sports,

In the past, life with parents was better. After all, someone managed,

Now that you have no parents’ supervision of your parents now, you can eat meat and be happy.

Just care of the desire to satisfy the appetite, and I have forgotten the sweat from the beginning of weight loss.

Because rarely contacts the outside world, and there is no normal weight reference,

Under the indulgence of each other, the two lead

Not long after, the weight of the two suddenly changed from 200 pounds to 400 pounds.

Although the weight is severely exceeded, the lover’s eyes are out of Xishi,

Deng Yang often comforted Lin Yue, saying that she was "not fat, just cute to expand",

The mentality is good, but the extreme obesity has affected the work and life of the couple.

Every time they go out, they are the most striking existence in the crowd.

Later, there were more times, and they started to be afraid of this strange vision,

So I was lying at home most of the time, but the result of the vicious circle was getting fatter.

Even the work has been affected. Deng Yangben works in a factory to work in a welding car.

Because obese his body is no longer flexible, he resigned and changed the job of the office.

But I don’t want to get fatter and get fatter, and then resign at home and become a family cooking husband.

Lin Yue served as a nurse in a clinic, but could only do some simple nursing work.

In order to realize the beautiful wishes of a family of three,

They came to the Kangda Weight Hospital, which had lost weight again, and began a difficult way to lose weight.

In the morning is a simple diet and junior running exercise. In the afternoon

The process is very complicated, and it looks very torment.

But for the next generation of health, they still do their best to persist,

After less than a year of effort of the couple, they lost 400 pounds.

It has returned to the weight of normal people and reached what the doctor said by the doctor.

I believe that in the near future they will have a cute baby,

Well, today’s story is over.

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