8 months pregnant, Changzhou female doctor’s oxygen absorption insists on surgery to brush the screen circle of friends

What kind of posture is the most beautiful?On the evening of August 13th, a photo of a Changzhou female doctor who was 8 months pregnant took oxygen, and the photos of surgery for patients spread all over the circle of friends.

The female doctor in the photo is Yang Mei, a methyl milk surgeon in Yanghu Hospital of Changzhou Second People’s Hospital.

After 5 days, she was pregnant for eight months.Although it was very close to the output period, Dr. Yang’s work rhythm did not slow down at all.One day on the 13th, she had to perform 6 operations.In the afternoon, she walked into the operating room on time as usual. The first operation was successfully completed. When the second surgery was performed, she suddenly felt that the abdomen was tight and a little uncomfortable.Based on experience, she judged that her fake contraction was.

Pseudo -contraction is a common irregular uterine contraction before maternal dysfunction.Once an appropriate absorption of oxygen can relieve the chest tightness and breath caused by abdominal discomfort.

I felt uncomfortable Yang Mei did not stop the operation. She proposed to the nurse around her that she could suck oxygen.

Zong Jieru, who was also in the operating room, quickly helped Yang Mei insert an oxygen pipe. It was also her. During the final stitching process of the operation, Dr. Yang’s work photo was taken."I take this photo, I hope that after seeing her two children in the future, she knows that her mother is still in operation for 8 months. She will feel that her mother is a very dedicated and excellent person."

Dr. Yang, who was surgery while inhalinging oxygen, finally successfully completed all the surgery of the plan of the day.

"She usually stands for surgery. Recently, she has a child, and her belly has become bigger and bigger. She also bought her belly with her belly. She hoped that she could stand comfortably without affecting her surgery."In Zong Jieru’s eyes, such a scene was not surprising.Because Yang Mei has always been a "female man" who is optimistic and active in life and do things.

Ms. Wang is a patient with this operation.After surgery, she could be discharged the next day.Speaking of this attending doctor, she and her mother appreciated and admired.

"I have given birth to a child. Such a big belly has been resting for a long time. After running a big belly, she ran before and ran before and ran. She attitude was good and enthusiastic. It was really not easy. Like her mother!" Said the patient’s mother, Ms. Xu.

Dr. Yang did not intend to rest now. She said that although many colleagues around her advised her to rest early and change their jobs, but she just wanted to do what she could do before she went home to produce. "Colleagues," colleagues, colleaguesI am also very busy at work, so I want to do it when I allow my body to do it, and these are all jobs for doctors. "

CBS Program Center Reporter: Guan Chenchen Zhu Shiliang

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