8 diseases that "support"!Just be hungry?How much is good for health?

In the past, it was good to solve the problem of food and clothing. At that time, there seemed to be no chronic diseases as there were now, but now the material conditions are good, there are more things to eat, but more and more problems with the human body are.It is largely related to eating too much.But for many friends, I may not realize that even if the snoring and eating the stomach after meals are panicked, I feel that digestion for a while, the impact is not great, and I can eat happily.

As everyone knows, many diseases are "full of support"! So, what diseases are there?In this case, will you not come to your door as long as you are hungry?Is "hungry and treating all diseases" really reliable?Regarding these issues, I will talk to you in detail below, and attach reliable diet advice. After reading it, you will know the answer!

The following 8 diseases have a certain relationship with "eating support":

Stomach disease, kidney disease fatigue, obese pancreatitis digestive bleeding coronary heart disease cancer

Moreover, there are still correlations between these problems, such as fatigue and cancer, from fatigue to cancer, it is not far away. If it is severe fatigue, but still does not pay attention, the next important organ in the body may occur in internal mutation.In the end, cancer changes occur.For example, obesity is also related to pancreatitis and coronary heart disease. The chance of obese people is higher. It is the fuse of multiple diseases.

Since these diseases are related to eating support, can it be avoided when you are hungry?

If you say that you can avoid this problem, it is relatively one -sided, but to a certain extent, eating less is indeed good for health and helps delay aging.Researchers at the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted experiments on rats. In the end, it was found that compared with any food, controlling diet is conducive to the aggregate effect of reversing inflammatory cells, and research reveals that dieting has an important role in delaying aging.

Controlling diet is not completely not eaten at all. If you are hungry often, it is also not good for your health.In the day, which meal is easier to be omitted by everyone?I believe that many people have the habit of not eating breakfast. If you do n’t eat it often, you choose to be hungry, and you may also “hungry” the following diseases:

Baldite: If you do n’t eat breakfast for a long time, the normal secretion and metabolism of the bile will be hindered, the secretion is reduced, and it is easy to accumulate more cholesterol, and then the crystals and stones are formed.

Gastritis: Eating too much and hurting the stomach, not eating can hurt the stomach. Long -term ignoring breakfast will cause excessive gastric acid secretion, and the risk of gastritis is easy to rise.

Obesity: Will it be fat if you don’t eat it?It is indeed possible that if you do n’t eat for a long time, your body will mistakenly think that you are in the famine period. Once you eat it again, it is prone to conditional reflexes.Multi -fat.I wonder if everyone who does not eat breakfast has not dropped significantly, but it is easy to gain weight.

Therefore, the statement of hungry treatment is also a bit one -sided. The key is to see the degree of hunger. Whether it is too full or not to eat, it is not good for health.Of course, there is another situation: you think you are not hungry, but you may be "hidden hungry people". In simple terms, although you are full, the nutritional imbalance in intakeThere is a lack of nutrients, but there are too many nutritional intakes, and nutritional imbalances are.

So, how much to eat is more suitable, which is good for health?

There is a saying: "Eat seven -point fullness and lives healthy to the old". This is reasonable. To this extent, it is more beneficial to health, helps control weight, can control weight, to a large extentIt is conducive to reducing the risk of a series of diseases.

But how to measure whether you meet this standard?

In other words, this is not good. After all, everyone’s age, work type, and physical condition are different. Each person’s amount of food is different. How to judge specifically, according to their own feelings, it varies from person to person.If you eat when you eat, you have no strong desire to eat in front of you, and the eating speed is obviously slow. At this time, you can take away the food. In fact, you can stop.too much.

For ordinary people, it is recommended to have three meals a day. For people with special circumstances, they can adopt less food and more meals, such as pregnant women.

In addition, it is recommended that you eat as many foods as possible every day, eat a bit more, and balance nutrition. This is conducive to preventing hidden hunger, and it is also conducive to reducing the risk of various diseases and extending life.

In summary, the 8 questions mentioned above are related to eating. People who often eat too much should pay more attention. It is recommended to control the amount of food appropriately.Of course, don’t walk into extremes and starve blindly, especially for people who have poor immunity and lack of nutrition, be rationally viewed.

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