70%of people have experienced stomach pain. How can I identify diseases through stomach pain?

70%of people have experienced symptoms of stomach pain.Occasionally, stomach pain may be related to bad eating habits, but repeated frequent stomach pain indicates the arrival of the disease, and the disease can be identified according to the condition of the stomach pain.

How to identify diseases through stomach pain?

1. Abdominal pain is accompanied by rectal bleeding

Abdominal pain with rectal hemorrhage may be inflammatory bowel disease, involving chronic swelling of digestive tract, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.Although inflammatory bowel disease is rare, it is very serious and requires people’s attention and active treatment.

2. Disclosure and pain around the navel.

Stomach pain sometimes radiates to the shoulders, especially after eating high fat food, it may be gallstone.If women are over 40 years old and have children, the risk of gallstones is extremely high because the level of estrogen after pregnancy is rising, which is the main reason for gallstones.There are many stones in the gallbladder, which will be more and more, and the deposits are too long. Either it does not hurt, or it is stuck in the gallbladder pipe, causing abdominal colic or periodic abdominal pain.

3. Belly abdominal spasm

Continuous stomach pain is accompanied by bloating, and the bowel habits have changed significantly.So far, the cause of the intestinal syndrome is not very clear, but after research, it is found that people with sensitive colon or colon are prone to intestinal excitement syndrome.In addition to slight convulsions in the abdomen, it will also be accompanied by weight loss or rectal bleeding.

4. There is a burning sensation in the center of the abdomen.

Generally, after eating high -fat foods, the center of the abdomen will have a burning sensation and bitter taste in the mouth. This is the symptoms of gastric acid reflux. Some foods mixed with digestive solution and gastric acid will have reflux.Acid substances can enter the throat and esophagus, causing burning sensation.Occasionally, there is no need to worry about it once or twice, but to be alert to the repeated appearance of this issue.Chronic gastric acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease may cause chronic digestive disease or cancer if it is not effective.

5. Burning or pain in the abdomen during eating.

The main characteristics of digestive ulcers are abdominal distension, loss of appetite, significant weight loss, snoring, etc.The root cause of digestive ulcers is that Helicobacter pylori and gastric mucosa coatings are destroyed. A large use of non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs can also cause abdominal burning and hidden pain, leading to digestive ulcers.

6. Dynamics of the right abdomen.

The severe pain of the right lower abdomen is accompanied by low fever and cannot exhaust normally, especially when deep breathing, walking slightly, sneezing, or coughing, the pain is significantly intensified, and you must be alert to appendicitis.

7. Sudden pain in the lower left of the abdomen

Sudden pain in the left lower abdomen is accompanied by flatulence. Pay attention to diverticulitis. The elderly often have it.Patients often experience symptoms such as constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, etc., which are generally related to the lack of dietary fiber in the diet.

You can look at what kind of stomach pain is. You cannot blindly take analgesic drugs when you have stomach pain, so as not to cover up the condition and increase the difficulty of diagnosis.Occasionally stomach pain once or twice, don’t be a fuss.If you have a recurred disease, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to see what kind of disease is caused by it.At the same time, protect the stomach and stay away from all the substances that hurt the gastric mucosa.

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