668 catties of Shandong guy, lost 480 pounds a year, marry his wife and be a boss, with an annual income of 3 million

In 2018, he weighed 668 catties, known as "China’s first fat".

In 2021, he weighed 188 pounds and had lost weight for a long time.

(Photos of Wang Haonan’s obesity)

His videos played over 700 million on the entire network.

In addition to being an Internet celebrity, he also set up four weight loss training camps and started the boss.

He is Wang Haonan, a Shandong guy who has a good career and love on the road of weight loss from a small fat.

According to a platform data, his annual income exceeds at least 3 million yuan.

On November 16, 2021, his high -profile official was promised.

(Wang Haonan’s marriage certificate with his wife)

On the way to get the marriage certificate, Wang Haonan’s face was full of bright smiles, walking and bouncing, and kept greeting the girlfriend behind her.

He gave the prospective bride a big carat diamond ring, and the screen was full of happy rainbow bubbles.

Four years ago, because he was too fat, he had difficulty breathing and couldn’t walk. He lived in the ICU.

In July 2018, he underwent gastric resection at Qilu Hospital of Shandong University.

Since then, he has begun to lose weight for a year.

At the same time, he met a girl and opened a love story on the road of weight loss.

In order to hold the beauty, he lost 480 pounds a year.

As a result, he not only married his beloved girl, but also succeeded in his career. He was really an inspirational fat man.

(Wang Haonan’s wedding photo with his wife)

He uses actual action to prove:

"If you can’t control your weight, why should you control your life?"

On June 1, 1998, the Wang Xianjun of Laiwu, Shandong, was named Wang Haonan.

When Hao Nan was born, he weighed 8 pounds and 3 or two.

When my mother is pregnant, she is different from other pregnant women.

She has little change in figure, but her belly is surprisingly big.

My friend told her that this was because the nutrition that the mother was eating was absorbed by the child.

It is also said that after the child was born, he must have nothing to do, healthy and healthy.

My mother is particularly happy to hear, after all, children’s health is more important than anything.

During the confinement, Wang Xianjun found that Xiao Haonan was so fat for a reason, and he had amazing food.

After eating breast milk, you have to rush to drink milk powder, otherwise he can’t eat enough and will cry.

Hao Nan didn’t eat in vain, and soon manifested in the shape.

(When Wang Haonan was a kid)

Wang Xianjun remembered very clearly that when Hao Nan was 3 years old, he weighed more than 70 pounds.

Looking at the block is like a 5 or 6 -year -old child, but looking at his face is still a baby.

Sometimes holding him out to play, there will be many people around him.

There are praise, thinking that the child does not picky eaters, it is good.

Now that the child is growing, it doesn’t matter if you get fat, just healthy;

Worried, I think the child is too young, so fat, and bad for your body.

It is difficult to grow up if you don’t control it.

At that time, Wang Xianjun didn’t realize that the child was a problem.

I only feel that the child is growing. Restricting the child’s eating will affect the growth and development of the child.

Therefore, there is no restriction on his diet, and you want to eat as much as you want.

Wang Xianjun said that at that time, the conditions at home were average. They did not deliberately make him delicious. They were normal meals, and Haonan was a large amount of rice.

At the age of 7, he had a weight of more than 90 catties, almost close to the weight of a normal adult.

(Wang Haonan and Mom when you were young)

When he was in elementary school, he was the highest and fattest child in the class.

Standing with other classmates is simply the "Crane Chicken Group".

Such a "big head" naturally attracted the attention and endless laughter of the students:

"Look, Wang Haonan walked, dragged, like a duck!"

"What kind of duck is, obviously a pig."

"A fat pig, hahaha …"

If you are ridiculous, he will damage Wang Haonan’s self -esteem, and he is more and more inferior.

But on the surface, he didn’t care very much, and sometimes he used his height advantages to wave his fist towards those who were ironic and mixed himself.

This caused the classmates to stay away from him, and no one was willing to play with him.

At that time, he had to eat 5 or 6 steamed buns for a meal. At least 3 bowls of rice, it was not considered meat and food.

Coupled with his fat, he didn’t like to move, and he weighed one day a day.

Near elementary school graduation, Wang Haonan’s weight rose to 240 pounds. It was the weight that three students were added together, surpassing the weight of the fat man fat.

The teacher saw that he was young and strong at a young age, and suggested that parents take him to practice sports.

High -intensity training can strengthen the body or lose weight.

(Wang Haonan in the gym)

At that time, Wang Xianjun saw that his son was fat, and was anxious. He tried to control his meal, but did not work.

There is no good way to think about it. Although he was a bit reluctant to suffer, he thought that he could lose weight, and Wang Xianjun sent Wang Haonan to Shandong Sports Academy to learn wrestling and judo.

Before, Wang Haonan rarely exercised, and he could never walk by car.

After entering the sports hospital, there is physical training every day, and the amount of exercise is quite large.

The huge amount of exercise has made his physical energy consumption particularly fast.

After exercise, he needs to replenish energy, which instead makes him appetite better and the amount of rice increases greatly.

It turned out that a meal ate 5 or 6 steamed buns, which increased to 10 steamed buns per meal.

The food hospital’s food is particularly good, and all kinds of meat should be available, which is in line with his taste.

So every time he eats, he eats happily.

Coupled with his development, the amount of meals of ordinary boys is also increasing.

Therefore, no one cares about the increase in his meal.

In the sports school, in addition to eating, Wang Haonan can also suffer.

He has worked hard and has a good grade. He has participated in the National Games of Shandong Province and won a bronze medal.

The child is naturally happy.

But his parents sent him to the sports school, hoping to make him lose weight through exercise.

Unexpectedly, four years later, not only did he not lose weight, but increased more than 100 pounds.

He graduated from sports school. At the age of 18, he is 181cm tall and weighs 430 pounds.

(Wang Haonan’s life photo)

The desire to lose weight failed. Looking at the "behemoth" son, Wang Haonan’s parents were really anxious.

When eating every day, stare at him and let him eat less.

He also wants to eat less, but the stomach that has been bigger does not let him go at all.

The stomach kept crying, and he had to eat secretly.

When his parents saw him like this, he scolded him loudly:

"Can you control your own mouth, control your mouth, and eat, and eat it."

Words are difficult to hear, but when the stomach yelled, he forgot all.

Wang Haonan recalled that the most difficult year when he graduated from his school school was his trough in his life.

Because of the big body, he can only walk, because the door cannot enter.

Sometimes, I took a small bench and took a rest for a while.

He went out to find a job, and when he saw him, he said, "No, you are too fat."

After hitting the wall one after another, he never had the courage to go out of the house to find a job, lying at home to watch mobile phones every day, playing games.

A big guy did nothing and stayed at home all day.

His parents did not give him a good look, and the people around him were also a bunch of gossip.

He couldn’t bear the pressure and decided to move out.

When he was bored, he brushed the video and saw a very fat blogger shared his life online.

There are a lot of people watching, and the video playback volume is also very high.

This video aroused Wang Haonan’s interest. He thought:

"This person is very similar to his figure. His videos and live broadcasts are so high. Can he try it?

Anyway, it’s okay to try it. It is better to try it. If you can’t, you can withdraw it."

So he uploaded the first video.

Unexpectedly, the first video playback exceeded 100,000, and hundreds of powder increased. Wang Haonan couldn’t restrain it.

He once felt that he was hopeless, and suddenly he had the direction of struggle.

(Wang Haonan before losing weight)

He began to study the skills of shooting video, viewed short videos with high playback volume of similar accounts, and what kind of videos are welcomed by fans;

And learn how to communicate with netizens, take the essence to form their own video style.

Shooting during the day and editing at night, in order to show the best effect of the video, it is often late at night.

He danced with a obese figure, and his fat was messy and funny with his movements.

The number of works in the work is as high as 3 million, and netizens are stunning by his fat body, and he can also jump out of such a soul dance.

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