6 -year -old boy is pregnant?In the end what happened!

On September 16, 2016, in Varanasi, India, local doctors took out an undeveloped embryo from a 6 -year -old boy.In the past 7 months, the boy has been complaining about abdominal pain. After three hours of surgery, the embryo in his belly has finally been successfully removed.

How could a 6 -year -old boy pregnant?How did the embryo come from?It sounds like a night, but in fact, such incidents occur from time to time.

Xiaoying, a 15 -year -old Henan girl, has been swollen and painful for her right abdomen two or three years ago. The doctor suspected that "tumor" compressed the liver, but the results after surgery were unexpected.It was not a tumor hidden in her abdominal cavity, but her twin sister or brother.

This phenomenon is called "tire in the tire", which is also a parasitic tire, with a probability of 5 million.This is a rare congenital disease. To understand the cause of its formation, we must first understand the formation of twins or polyphys.

After the formation of normal twins or polyphysonians, after the formation of fertilized eggs, they are equally separated into two or more independent individuals, and eventually develop into two or more normal embryos.But in this process, the development of an embryo stagnates due to various reasons. For example, parents are close to relatives, or their mother exposes toxicity and carcinogenic substances in early pregnancy.The formation of parasitic tires, this is why many children in the news are "born" and the "pregnancy".

Parasitic tires can be parasitic in any part of the host’s body, but it is mainly occurred behind the peritoneal and abdominal cavity, and it is common in infants and young children.Most of the boarding newborn shows that the stomach is obviously greater than other children, but the amount of food is not large. Occasionally they are unwilling to eat and do not like to sleep.Some of the parasitic tires are small, and when the child grows up to a few years old or even when he is adult, he was discovered accidentally when he was diagnosed and treated with illness.

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