55 -year -old Carina Lau was suspected of getting pregnant, loose dresses and difficulties to cover up the belly, and married Liang Chaowei in 13 years.

On August 26, Carina Lau took a photo of Jiugongge, and there was a photo of her and her family.

In the photo, Carina Lau’s brother was dressed simple, and the hairline was a bit bald. The brother -in -law was dyed with orange hair and wearing vest shorts.Carina Lau’s mother was holding big -name bags and short -brown hair, which was very temperament.

It can be seen on the online inquiry that this bag of Mother Liu is a high -luxury brand, which costs more than 400,000 yuan, which is expensive.

But in these pictures, the most eye -catching is Carina Lau, especially her belly.

She was wearing a loose leopard pattern clothes and a blue suit on the outside. The matching was very special. When sitting on the stone sideways, the abdomen was obviously bulged and looked like there was a situation.

Even if she stood up, Carina Lau’s figure was still bloated, and she couldn’t see the waist curve at all.

And this time Carina Lau took pictures with her family next to Guanyin. She also deliberately took a group photo with the red cloth strips that asked for blessings, and seemed to have some demands.

In the comment area, many netizens are asking: "Are you pregnant?"

Some people even believed that she was happy, and began to "congratulate" and look forward to the child’s early coming.

Netizens can also understand this speculation. After all, Carina Lau and Liang Chaowei have been married for 13 years, but there have been no children.Everyone is very curious. If the high -value couple has a baby, the baby will look good.

Venus once asked Carina Lau on the show why she didn’t want children. She said that it was decided by Liang Chaowei early in the morning.

She also said that she didn’t want it at first. Later, she saw that everyone was born, and she wanted to give birth for a moment, but the child represents the responsibility.And pass.

And Liang Chaowei revealed that he had to take care of many people. Carina Lau would worry about a little bit of things. He would be sad when he died of the puppy. If he had a child, what would happen to the child, he was afraid he could not accept himself.

Although the couple insisted on Dink, there were still many rumors.

In 2017, the news of Carina Lau was two months pregnant on the Internet. When she attended the event, she clarified: "This is a big international joke. I think if I want to have children now, I don’t have to have a child.Just be born, now technology is so advanced. "

It can be seen that Carina Lau’s mentality has not changed.

In recent years, she has often taken a photo of herself and her nephew. It is said that she would also send luxury cars. Many people guessed that she had raised her nephew as a son.

This time, she was suspected of being pregnant by netizens. Fans who were familiar with her helped to clarify that she thought that the clothes were fat, and it should be the effect of wind blowing.

Carina Lau is 55 years old. It is really not realistic to choose to have children at this age. If there is good news, I believe she will directly announce.I hope that Carina Lau and Liang Chaowei couples are healthy and happy, happy to adhere to their choices, and always be happy!


Author: Li Xixi

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