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Dear friends, more and more people choose to receive permits in the days of "520". Marriage registration is the most important moment in your life.Also arrange it ~

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In order to allow citizens to truly experience the "one -stop" service, the marriage registration is seamlessly connected with pre -marital and pre -pregnancy medical examinations.On May 20th (Saturday), you can go to the pre -marital medical examination center of the Maternal and Child Health Institute of Yuhua District for a free marriage and pregnancy examination.——The marriage registration center in Yuhua District is together!


In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, both parties who are preparing to register for marriage in Changsha can enjoy free pre -marital medical examinations.For couples who meet the statutory fertility conditions and have a plan to get pregnant in Changsha City, the eligible couples enjoy a free pre -pregnancy health examination for each child.


Marriage check: The identity card, hukou certificate (residence permit) of both men and women (residence permit) (all documents can be the original or mobile phone electronic photo)

Pregnancy examination: ID cards, household registration (residence permit), marriage certificate of both men and women (all documents can be original or mobile phone electronic photos)


1. Physical examination

2. Pre -marital health consultation and guidance

3. Global aminotransferase (alt)

4. Hepatitis B surface antigen measurement (HBSAG)

5, syphilis spiral screening

6. Vaginal secretion examination

7. Blood routine

8. Urine routine

9. HIV antibody detection

10. Gonorrhea screening

11. Chest X -ray examination


Basic information collection, height, weight, cardiopulmonary function and other basic information collection, height, weight, cardiopulmonary functional examination, male and female reproductive system examination, leucorrhea routine, blood type examination, blood glucose determination, urinary routine examination, liver function (Gu Bingbing (Gu Bing BingbingMine), renal function (serum creatinine) detection, thyroid function test (thyroid hormone test), hepatitis B serotism, syphilis spiral examination, eugenic examination: rubella virus, macrophage virus, toxoplasty virus, ultrasound, ultrasound, ultrasoundexamine.We also have a specialty teacher who can do a good job of risk assessment, AMH ovarian function testing, consultation guidance and other pre -pregnancy primitive health examination services for the expectant parents and moms who are pregnant.

“The advantages of pre -marital examination and pre -pregnancy examination”

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