52 -year -old Zheng Jiaying’s wife was pregnant again, 31 -year -old Chen Kailin was pregnant, and 3 years of fighting for 3 years was accused of fertility machine

Zheng Jiaying is a Hong Kong actor singer in China. He plays the role of Ba Ye in the shocking shock. He has filmed the city of Hua Ying’s heart love.Playing the role of Jiang Yulang, from the supporting role to the protagonist. Zheng Jiaying has always ended from the end of the acting. No matter what role, it can be performed well and loved by the audience.

On November 28th, 52 -year -old Zheng Jiaying officially announced the good news of three babies. To his wife Chen Kailin: There are many unknown life, but I know that meeting with you is the best thing in my life. We are about to usher in a new family memberOur third baby.

Chen Kailin is 31 years old and is 21 years old from Zheng Jiaying. Because the Hong Kong sister draft has become a 13 -year Hong Kong sister champion, the contract has become a TVB actor to enter the entertainment industry. After holding a wedding with Zheng Jiaying in Bali in 18 years, he rarely appeared in shooting works.

Therefore, even if she has a work "Famous Battle", "Zhang Baozai", "The Legend of the Strange Valley of Ping An Valley", etc., but for many years of marriage, there have been almost no works since 16 years.The future in the entertainment industry has made a great sacrifice for the family.

In the video, Chen Kailin generously exposed her pregnant belly, wearing a black bun skirt with a very slim figure, and the small belly raised seemed to be more than four months. Her husband Zheng Jiaying stroked her belly, and she also kissed her husband very affectionately.The whole picture reveals Chen Kailin’s love for her husband Zheng Jiaying. The moment she lowered her head to look at the pregnant belly, she also shrouded the glory of motherly love!

It seems that Chen Kailin, who is young, has already given birth to two sons. In February 19th, she had an eldest son Zheng Chengyue. In June 20 years, she gave birth to the second son of the second child. Now this is Chen Kailin and Zheng Jiaying.The third child, from 19 to 22, fought three years in four years, and became pregnant again.It can be said that since she got married, Chen Kailin was either born on children or on the way to prepare for pregnancy.

A person who gives up his career for family and concentrates on having children at home is almost to let himself break all his careers. As long as you have more trust in your husband, you can fully let go of yourself!Some netizens pointed out that isn’t this a typical full -time wife who marries into the Hong Kong giants?What is the difference between a three -year hugging third child? What is the difference between a fertility machine?

Although the successive child has a very high demand for the woman’s body, she may not really turn herself into a fertility machine. At the age of 31, she has three children. Although she suffered a lot in the short term, she did not have a lotI feel hard, my eyes are all love for her husband, and they are still full of love with my third child.

Those who are truly used as a fertility machine are numb to all the lives of the outside world.If you want to get married and have children, your body will also become lazy because he obeys the family support of her husband, but you can see that Chen Kailin has remained unchanged for many years. It can be seen that Chen Kailin’s life is planned and regular.happiness.

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